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Organizations want their teams to be creative thinkers but are not entirely sure how to select and assess those skills. Some common questions: “Can the answers to open questions be measured and evaluated?” “What assessment tools are available to assist us in recognizing creative thinkers or how they structure their ideas?” “How might we evaluate and compare various ways of addressing the same open question?”

The Team Scoring component of the eSkill application allows a team to “blindly” grade responses according to a customized set of criteria. An HR administrator sets up the entire flow of the evaluation process, assigning different in-house experts to individually assess pertinent responses. Then, the administrator approves the test-taker’s final overall score.

View this infographic and check out:

  • An example of an evaluation process for a copywriter job position
  • How the Reviews Management Portal and Manual Scoring Portal work
  • How to identify the evaluation criteria, select a team of reviewers and appraise the responses

This infographic provides a clear understanding of the eSkill’s Team-Scoring feature and shows you how to set up a test to evaluate each candidate together with other team members.

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