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Last year, we introduced several new recruiting tactics. Now it’s time to adopt and implement the modern methods described in HR trends for 2019. Follow these HR trends to gain a competitive edge and hire qualified candidates right from the start.

If your company is considering automating your skills selection process and integrating it with a unified hiring process, this infographic can help guide you in following the best practices to hire your staff in a compliant and an effective way. Here are 10 recruiting trends in 2019 to keep you ahead of the competition.

Download this infographic and find out:

  • How to simplify your hiring process as part of your recruiting strategy.
  • Why you should continue sourcing, meeting new candidates and interviewing — even when all your positions are filled.
  • How a skills inventory can help you re-write job descriptions.
  • 10 hr trends from the industry that can help you make better hiring decisions.

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