Why Top Companies Are Using Video Interviewing & Response

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Why Top Companies Are Using Video Interviewing & Response

Download the Executive Report

Download the Executive Report

Video interviewing software has become a popular tool for top companies to optimize the traditional hiring process. This innovative technology is used in various stages of the talent acquisition process, from the early screening stages to final interviews. By leveraging the power of video, employers save time and money while increasing the overall quality of their talent pool.

Technology-Based Phenomenon

While most companies are familiar with a typical two-person interview via video, a new cutting-edge video interview process has emerged—the use of asynchronous video interviews (AVIs).

In AVIs, candidates answer pre-defined interview questions on their own time, and then the recordings of these answers are reviewed later by hiring teams. The technology is widely used amongst top companies, including Goldman Sachs, Apple, Twitter, and Google.

Decrease Time-to-Hire

The amount of time U.S. employers spend on interviews has increased significantly since 2009, going from an average of 3.3 days in 2009 to 23.8 days in 2017. This increase provides at least a partial explanation for why it takes longer to fill jobs now.

AVIs or on-demand video interviews eliminate scheduling conflicts and give hiring teams a full picture of candidates in a fraction of the time. With on-demand interviews, hiring teams no longer need to schedule phone interviews, spend time asking questions, or coordinate the hiring teams’ and candidates’ schedules for group interviews.

On eSkill’s user-friendly platform, candidates’ responses are securely stored for hiring teams to sign in and watch at their convenience. In-house reviewers can watch, replay, share, fast-forward, score, and save these video responses. eSkill’s video interviewing software speeds the screening process allowing employers to vet more applicants thoroughly, therefore, enabling companies to select the best-suited candidates faster.

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Video interviews also help you

  • Improve Your Hiring Return on Investment
  • Reduce Bias in Hiring Decisions
  • Improve the Candidate Experience
  • Seamlessly Integrate with Skills Tests

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