How to Use Skills Tests to Hire Better Warehouse & Online Retail Workers

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How to Use Skills Tests to Hire Better Warehouse & Online Retail Workers

Download the Executive Report

Download the Executive Report

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the shift from in-store to online shopping. Pandemic-wary shoppers are increasingly filling virtual carts instead of real ones. With the abrupt spike in online shopping, retailers must pivot quickly to remain competitive because as e-commerce sales grow, so do the number of brick-and-mortar store closures.

In today’s volatile business landscape, using talent acquisition technologies like eSkill’s pre-employment testing platform is the key to ensuring your human resources (HR) department can weather the storm.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

In a year that upended “business-as-usual,” it is no surprise that improving operational processes is the top business priority for the majority of HR leaders. As a result, many plan to leverage skills testing to improve your operational efficiencies by:

  • Proactively Building a Skilled Talent Pool
  • Leveraging an On-Demand Workforce
  • Strategically Developing Internal Talent
  • Streamlining HR Technology Solutions

Evaluate Job-Specific Skills

eSkill’s employment assessment tests provide human resources (HR) professionals with the data-driven insights organizations need to make informed and strategic talent acquisition and workforce management decisions. From entry- to senior-level positions, eSkill offers an extensive library of skills tests for the retail, warehousing, and distribution industries.

Download the Executive Report on this page to view the roles and tests available. 

Develop a Robust Approach to Candidate Evaluations

It pays to implement a thorough screening process when considering job-seekers. Still, amid today’s uncertain business landscape, HR professionals are keenly aware that the hiring process needs to be as efficient as possible. With eSkill, hiring managers can identify top talent and reduce the time-to-hire by implementing streamlined processes, including: 

  1. Automated Pre-Employment Testing
  2. Candidate Auto-Progressing
  3. On-Demand Video Interviews
  4. Identity Verification 

With malls shuttered, shops closed down, and offices dark during the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of online-orders soared and rocked the retail and distribution industries. As business leaders raced to adopt new technologies and operating models, HR leaders have had to quickly pivot to find ways to recruit talent to meet the demand. eSkill’s pre-employment testing platform provides HR professionals with the innovative solutions they need to develop resilient and effective talent acquisition processes.

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