How to Hire Better Remote Employees with Video Interviewing

Download the Executive Report

How to Hire Better Remote Employees with Video Interviewing

Download the Executive Report

Download the Executive Report

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an overhaul of talent acquisition as we know it. Many organizations have seen the crisis as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean in how job interviews are structured and conducted. They are now strategically leveraging video interviews while maintaining quality candidate evaluations.

With eSkill’s suite of cloud-based hiring tools, organizations can reinvent their hiring processes and quickly and effectively find top remote employees.

These hiring tools allow you to:

Streamline Processes to Interview More Candidates

On-demand video interviewing enables organizations to quickly and objectively screen their entire talent pool to find jobseekers with the needed skills and aptitude to succeed in remote positions.

Talent acquisition professionals save time and improve the overall quality of hire by automating processes with eSkill’s pre-hire tools.

Make Objective, Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Traditional, unstructured interviews where jobseekers and hiring teams engage in open-ended conversations allow conscious and unconscious bias to impact candidate evaluations.

eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing platform facilitates a streamlined approach to administering and scoring structured interviews.

Bolster Video Interviews with Skills Tests

Streamlined candidate screening is the key to identifying qualified remote talent quickly. However, many organizations’ hiring tools are not well integrated, which results in wasted time and sub-standard results.

Using eSkill’s customizable skills tests and on-demand video interviews creates a robust and comprehensive process for identifying top remote talent that is effective and efficient.

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