How to Leverage Pre-Employment Skills Testing in Education

Download the Executive Report

How to Leverage Pre-Employment Skills Testing in Education

Download the Executive Report

Download the Executive Report

For educational institutions to fill open positions quickly and effectively with the most qualified talent, they must implement a streamlined process for verifying candidates’ relevant skill sets. Pre-employment skills testing makes it possible for schools to do just that.

eSkill’s online pre-employment skills testing platform enables human resources (HR) professionals to apply an objective approach to candidate selection by selecting, customizing, and administering education skills tests.

The Benefits of Leveraging Pre Employment Skills Testing in Education

  • Automate Time-Consuming Processes.
  • Improve Hiring Outcomes.
  • Reduce Bias with Data-Driven Hiring Decisions.

Select a Job-Relevant “Ready-to-Use” Skills Test

eSkill’s vast selection of job-specific, “ready-to-use” education skills tests makes selecting the right test simple. Here is a look at some of eSkill’s most popular job-specific, “ready-to-use” education skills tests: 

  • Paraeducator Skills Test
  • Administrative Assistant Skills Test
  • Technical Support Specialist Skills Test
  • School Nutrition Manager Skills Test
  • Custodian Skills Test 

Or select a job-specific, “ready-to-use” tests for specific positions: 

  • Library Clerk
  • Facilities Manager
  • School Nurse
  • School Cafeteria Worker
  • Program Assistant
  • English Instructor
  • Admissions Representative
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • HR Administrator

Or Combine Multiple Modular Subjects to Customize the Skills Tests You Need

With hundreds of modular subjects, eSkill enables hiring teams to essentially “build” a test by combining multiple subjects. This is a look at modular subjects that are most applicable to careers in the education sector. 

Skills Specific to Careers in Education

  • General Scholastic Teaching
  • Interpersonal Skills in a School Setting
  • Child Care Skills

Relevant Technology Skills

  • Digital Literacy
  • Video Conference Communication and Etiquette 

With hundreds of “ready-to-use” job-specific skills tests, custom skills tests, and thousands of modular subjects to choose from, eSkill makes creating an objective and efficient candidate screening process a reality.

Download the Executive Report on this page to learn more.

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