Recruiting Strategies of Top Staffing Firms in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected businesses worldwide, making it difficult for employers to keep their companies running. Many workers found themselves either furloughed or let go, and those who remained had to perform the work of two — and sometimes three — people. As the world recovers from the pandemic, businesses are trying to build […]

What is Your Post Coronavirus Volume Hiring in Recruitment Strategy?

Most organizations have experienced some level of unpredictability and volatility due to the coronavirus pandemic. When employers decide to ramp up hiring post coronavirus, they must carefully consider the implications of the technological tools they use. As they shift from response to recovery, they need to implement effective talent acquisition strategies and learn how to […]

Ramp Up Hiring Quickly With This High Volume Hiring Strategy

If you need to ramp up recruiting quickly, you need to implement an automated high volume hiring strategy. By harnessing the power of eSkill’s advanced tech solutions, your hiring teams can efficiently evaluate applicants against the right parameters so they can easily identify the best-qualified candidates. Leveraging the benefits of well-integrated, pre-hire tools does not […]

How to Hire Employees Fast After Coronavirus

Since unemployment claims reached historic highs due to the coronavirus pandemic businesses that need to hire fast will be flooded with applicants, which means they will need to screen and interview them in a short timeframe. Thanks to advanced HR technology tools, employers can automate the hiring process and eliminate labor- and resource-intensive tasks associated […]

How to Hire & Train Employees Fast As Your Company Gets Back to Work

Businesses changed the way they operate during the COVID-19 crisis. Some changes were forced, and others resulted from innovation in the face of a crisis. As a result, the workforce has changed as well as the way we work, and the talent management process. As the economy reopens, there is a unique opportunity for talent […]

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Helps Improve Applicant Screening

If an organization lacks the proper structure and resourcing to effectively screen and source candidates, talent acquisition can be costly and time-consuming. As a result, the pressure human resources (HR) professionals feel to ensure the talent supply chain runs smoothly is immense. For this reason, many organizations turn to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). According to […]

Ramping Up. How to Hire Employees Quickly

One of the biggest challenges human resources (HR) departments will face is fast recruitment—having to hire a lot of talent in a short time frame. Determining how to hire employees fast without compromising quality can feel challenging, but it is possible with eSkill’s innovative, data-driven skills testing and video interviewing platform. Here is a look […]

How to Implement a Fast Track Recruitment Process

Recruiting qualified, skilled staff is a critical determinant of an organization’s ability to deliver results. When a company needs to ramp up recruitment, it must update its human resources (HR) processes to reduce time-to-hire. To implement a fast track recruitment process organizations must leverage modern tech tools such as online skills tests and recorded one-way […]

Call Centers: How to Recruit Faster Post Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in a huge shift in the way human resources (HR) teams and recruiters operate. A survey of U.S. hiring managers conducted in April 2020 found that 53% of respondents reported an increase in the use of online skills tests. And not surprisingly, 62% reported an increase in the use of […]

How to Improve Your Recruitment Process for Remote Workers

Remote work is not a trend—it is here to stay. And it is growing at an unprecedented rate. Global Workplace Analytics predicts 25 to 30 million U.S. employees will regularly work from home within the next two years, up significantly from the reported 5 million remote U.S. workers just before the coronavirus outbreak. With remote […]

How One Way Video Interviews Are Used in Hiring

Companies readily acknowledge the power of information technology tools for reaching business goals because they optimize work processes and help employees meet management objectives. As a talent acquisition professional, your primary goal is to select the best-qualified candidates. To do this efficiently, you need to eliminate unqualified applicants as early as possible in the hiring […]

The “Backlash” Against AI in Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way many organizations do business. Companies are using AI-enhanced Chatbots to respond more quickly to customer queries.  E-Commerce sites are using AI for recommendation engines, dynamic pricing, and predictive analysis.  More than 111 million Americans use intelligent voice assistants monthly.  Artificial Intelligence, it seems, is […]
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