Reduce Employee Turnover and Increase Your ROI – Best Practices

Employee turnover can have a negative impact on an organization’s performance. By understanding the reasons behind staff turnover, you can devise recruitment and retention initiatives that reduce turnover, increase employee retention and, therefore, your company’s return on investment (ROI) in its employees. While it is expensive to screen and hire people to find the right […]

The Perks of Executive Mentoring

Executive mentoring provides great dividends when it comes to professional advancement. It can also be an asset to companies looking to groom junior staff for senior positions. As opposed to executive coaching or development conferences and seminars, mentoring is an ongoing process that encourages employees to learn from each other, sharing knowledge and growth within […]

How to Turn Your HR Department
Into a Well-Oiled Machine

The interview stage is the MOST crucial part of the hiring process. It’s the moment when both you and the applicant put forth your best qualities in hopes of a perfect match. It’s also a loaded moment, and stress can affect the outcome of an interview. Good interview practices can save you from the stress […]

The Best Way to Assess and Develop Employees

Our webinar will show you how to use dynamic training and accurate testing to better educate and assess your employees, increase productivity and retention, improve the skills of current and future applicants, lower employee attrition by up to 50 percent and discover budding “rock star” employees. Speakers: Tony Huffman Founder of Approved Colleges Business Services—a […]