How to Hire Freelancers in a Compliant and Effective Way

Download the infographic HERE. Did you know that 35% of the workforce are freelancers? The top organizations around the world are discovering the benefits of hiring freelancers who work in graphic design, writing, healthcare, human resources and consulting. Since freelancers are not company employees, you will not have to cover their vacation pay, employee benefits, […]

Measuring Quality of Hire: Defining Top Performance

Click HERE to view Infographic. Determining the quality of both prospective and current employees is essential to any business and means using tools and implementing processes that can predict performance success as well as measure productivity on the job. With so many competency assessment methods available, from basic to advanced, which will help employers hire […]

Infographic – Inside the Mind of the Modern Job Seeker

Click HERE to view Infographic. Today’s job seeker is a different breed from previous generations. The modern job seeker is usually someone young, who grew up in the internet age, likes adaptability and spends much of his time on a mobile device. From better company perks to being able to work remotely or flexible hours, […]

Why Empowering Your Employees Equals Better Business

In the current competitive workplace, more companies want employees who are vested, engaged, and fulfilled in their work. Companies can help employees feel this way by empowering them – giving them a voice that’s heard and an opportunity to drive change within the organization. An empowered workforce can help increase productivity, drive down costs, and […]

Beating the Odds – Effective Talent Retention Strategies

As important as employee retention is, many companies still fall victim to high turnover rates. This has a big impact on all of your staff, because it affects morale as well as productivity. When key staff members leave, others may follow suit; and finding and training suitable replacements costs time as well as money. Employees […]

Talent Management – Strategies for Success

The biggest challenge for most HR professionals is managing the talent pool in your company. From determining your real needs to assessing the skills of your current staff, to seeking out and finding the perfect new people to hire, it is a complex and slightly overwhelming task. That’s why it’s so important to develop a […]

Performance Management – Top 10 Best Practices

Managing employee performance is a big job, and while giving reviews is often not a manager’s favorite task, it needs to be seen as a critical part of your overall strategy to get the best and most productive performance out of every member of your team. 3 tips to get you started: Develop career paths […]

10 Keys to Hiring and Engaging Millennials

Click HERE to view Infographic. Much has been written about employing Millennials successfully, and for good reason. They are the largest generation in the workforce. Therefore, it’s worth noting that, per Delloite, 44% of Millennials say that, if given a choice, they expect to leave their current employers in the next two years. In general, […]