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A Toronto-based non-profit organization with nine locations provides general and specialized services to job seekers from all backgrounds and situations, employers from all industry sectors, and students and educators in primary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

The Situation

The organization needed a solution to help candidates prepare for online interviews. Due to COVID, in-person interviews were becoming less common, and the popularity of video interviews was increasing.

One of the Employment Counselors is also a Program Facilitator and runs a program called Build that helps candidates practice and perfect their video interviewing technique to increase their chances of getting job offers.

She knew that many candidates were nervous and anxious about the prospect of online interviews and wanted a chance to practice beforehand. She and her team also wanted to make the interview process easy for candidates by using video response questions and mock interviews to help candidates become more comfortable with the process. It enabled them to hear themselves answer questions, check their posture and eye contact and see their on-camera appearance.

Budget was the organization’s number one consideration. Management also wanted a solution that was easy to set up and use and wanted to ensure staff and clients could get help and prompt support if they had a problem. They also preferred a solution that offered them the ability to customize questions set the number of answer attempts and a time limit on answers.

The Solution

The team evaluated several solutions and chose the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform because it offered them the best value. Of course, the fact that it was possible to include video response questions in skills assessments was a big priority. However, they also liked the prospect of having access to an extensive assessment library and were impressed by the customization options.

They could select from hundreds of pre-prepared assessments but also had the flexibility to create completely customized assessments for each job role. They appreciated how easy eSkill was to use and set it up and knew they could contact their dedicated Assessment Expert if they had a question or needed help.

The Results

The organization has used video response questions to help numerous clients improve their online interviewing skills. The team also uses the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform to help clients learn new job skills so they can improve their chances of getting offers for top-quality positions.

As the Employment Counselor/Program Facilitator explained, “Build works with a lot of architectural companies that hire clients for construction and IT jobs. While candidates are applying for positions, they also take classes and learn new skills such as construction best practices and new programming languages. Some candidates received their training in other countries. So, they have to become familiar with Canadian building codes and learn Revit for Canada. We use skills assessments to show them what they have learned and show them areas they need to work on.”

Please request a demo to learn how you can include video response questions along with skills-based questions in your online interviews.

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