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The Situation

A global specialty retailer with a family of well-known brands, over 3,000 company-owned stores in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and China, and over 650 franchised outlets throughout the world and online knew that its hiring process needed an overhaul.

The company was using IBM’s Kenexa Prove It! platform and was finding that the candidate and user interfaces were obsolete and the skills assessments that were available did not meet their needs. Furthermore, IBM sold the solution to another company and the purchasing company increased the price.

The Solution

The management team’s goals were to improve quality of hire, minimize hiring “mistakes,” and reduce the amount of time that was required to screen applicants. They evaluated several skills assessment solutions and chose the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM because they loved the reporting features as well as the ability to customize assessments. They were particularly impressed with the chat simulation that is available in the Test Library and say it has proven to be “very predictive” of candidates’ job performance.

The first skills assessments the team set up were typing and data entry speed and customer service tests. They were able to find pre-prepared assessments in the eSkill Test Library and could also create skills tests that perfectly matched each of their job roles by choosing from over 60,000 questions and simulations.

The team analyzed each skills assessment to verify that the questions accurately predicted the likelihood that candidates could perform the job successfully. They sampled current associates to define baseline scores and assess the adverse impact of questions and determined that candidates who scored in the 86-88% range or higher would fare at least above average in training and performance on the job, given the metrics they identified. This told them they could confidently move candidates who scored at this level to the next step of the hiring process.

The Implementation

HR managers worked with their eSkill Account Representative and Assessment Expert to integrate the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM with Taleo, the company’s ATS, and Avature, its front-end candidate engagement CRM system. The eSkill team helped them outline the steps to funnel candidates through the screening process and notify recruiters. The company made some changes during the process and compiled a “wish list” of adjustments they wanted to implement in subsequent recruitment cycles.

The Results

The results have produced everything HR and senior management wanted and more. Since implementing the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM, the HR team has been able to streamline the company’s hiring process because it can use skills assessments to immediately eliminate 25,000 applicants– a total of 63%–during initial screening because they do not meet the job requirements. They can also instantly identify top candidates and refer them to hiring managers for further consideration.

To date, the company has decreased time-to-hire by 1,300 hours and cost-to-hire by $65,000 and realized a return on its investment (ROI) within three months. The results have been so positive that the HR team is planning to add sales skills assessments to its test repertoire.

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