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Total Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions (TAABS) was established over 25 years ago to provide accounting and business consulting services. Its clients are primarily in the Los Angeles area, but it has expanded to serve clients nationally and offers specialized financial expertise to clients in the apparel, legal, health care, and entertainment sectors. It also provides comprehensive household business management services to individuals.


TAABS was using employment tests that it created in-house but found that they weren’t thorough enough to test candidates’ accounting and business knowledge. The staff also wanted to improve the company’s hiring process and interview remote candidates more efficiently. So, they began researching solutions that would help them streamline the applicant-screening process, reduce time-to-hire, recruit better-qualified candidates, eliminate hiring “mistakes” and reduce attrition.

While the staff was exploring various alternatives, a client who runs a staffing agency recommended e-Skill. After seeing a demo, they liked what they saw and didn’t consider any other options. eSkill helped them develop the tests they needed, showed them how to implement and track test scores, and provided a quick reference guide. TAABS was also assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager who could help the staff create tests as well as answer questions and solve problems as needed.


Before TAABS began using eSkill, it took approximately four to six weeks to hire a new employee. Since implementation, the amount has decreased to three or four weeks—a 30% reduction in time-to-hire. TAABS has also simplified and improved its hiring process by making it easy for the staff to test applicants’ accounting knowledge so they can identify and hire the best candidates more efficiently.

According to Dylan March, TAABS Office Manager, the biggest advantage eSkill offers is it’s so easy to use. The staff can easily create and administer tests as well as document and record scores. They can also interview remote prospects much more easily.

“eSkill makes testing candidates more efficient. It is more thorough and allows us to test candidates remotely. It has made our hiring process better and resulted in better fitting staff.”

– Dylan March, Office Manager

At this time, TAABS only uses eSkill to screen job candidates. However, the staff is exploring the feasibility of also using it to assess training needs for and identify team members who are ready to be promoted. Also, a lack of accounting knowledge and poor job performance isn’t normally the reason employees are terminated or leave voluntarily. It’s usually due to a bad cultural fit. Therefore, they also plan to use eSkill for behavioral assessments for potential new team members.

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