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Vatica Health (Vatica) is a recognized leader in the healthcare industry for delivering risk adjustment and clinical quality solutions that are used by healthcare providers and health plans. Its solutions are designed to increase patient engagement and wellness, improve coding accuracy and compliance, and identify care gaps to promote wellness and achieve better patient outcomes.


Vatica was using paper-based tests in its hiring process and scoring them in-house which required excessive internal resources. The staff was also wasting hours reviewing applications and resumes to screen candidates.

HR managers realized they needed to implement a solution that would help them streamline their entire hiring process. Their main goal was to automate applicant screening for nursing, IT, and sales positions so they could identify top candidates more quickly, decrease time-to-hire, and improve hiring outcomes.


The HR team researched and evaluated several assessment solutions and providers including iMocha, ThriveMap, RightHire, and eSkill, and decided that the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM was the best solution for their needs.

The team appreciated the value that eSkill’s unlimited testing feature offered. They were also impressed with the extensive number of subject- and job-based assessments in the eSkill Test Library, and that they would be able to build and create customized skills tests that perfectly matched their nursing, IT, and sales job roles.


Vatica implemented eSkill with Workable, its applicant tracking system (ATS), and built its first customized skills test with the help of its eSkill account manager and dedicated assessment expert. Since then, the HR team has created many more skills tests on its own by modifying existing tests that are available in the Test Library to fit the specific requirements of the job they are recruiting for. They simply choose appropriate questions and add their own questions if needed.


Vatica’s interview process used to take approximately 30 to 45 days from job posting to extending an offer. By implementing the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM, the team has been able to reduce time-to-hire to less than 30 days—a decrease of around 40%.

The HR team is also more productive because they no longer need to screen applications and resumes manually. Also, since the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM is integrated with Workable, recruiters and managers can build customized skills tests, email them to candidates, and sort and manage test results without switching between platforms.

As explained by Jessica Wagner, Talent Acquisition Specialist, “We hire candidates in various markets throughout the U.S. By using eSkill, we now have the capability to test candidates and quickly evaluate their skills and aptitudes to ensure we are identifying the best candidate for each role.”

Vatica is currently only using eSkill for hiring. However, the HR team is already talking about how they will use it for employee training and development as the company grows.

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