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A Virginia community services agency that provides a wide array of services for adults, adolescents, children, and infants who are experiencing mental illness, intellectual/developmental disabilities, and/or substance use disorders reduced training costs and simplified internal training processes by implementing eSkill’s skills assessments.


The agency was using Toolbooks to assess new hires’ and employees’ skills and develop employee training and development programs. However, managers found they were restricted by the number of tests their staff could take. This was a problem because it limited their ability to fully assess skills and abilities and identify knowledge “gaps” that should be addressed. They also wanted to reduce training costs, which were prohibitive because staff members who administered Toolbooks were required to complete several days of training off-site to learn how to use the platform and create and administer skills assessments.


The agency chose eSkill because when they spoke with an associate, the person was knowledgeable about skills assessments and explained the value they offer. The associate also patiently answered their questions and stood behind the product throughout the evaluation process. They were also impressed to learn that the eSkill Test Library offered them access to over 800 job- and subject-based skills assessments and that they would have the flexibility to build their own tests by choosing the questions they wanted and adding their own questions.

Two of the biggest factors that influenced their decision were:

  • eSkill was so easy to learn that no training was required. The person responsible for creating training programs for all locations could start creating skills assessments This meant the agency could significantly reduce training costs.
  • They would be assigned a dedicated Assessment Expert which meant they could always get help if they had questions or had a problem.

Employees who were assigned to take skills assessments also found eSkill easy to use because they could complete tests at their convenience. As the Quality Improvement Supervisor, who is responsible for training explained, “Since we have many locations, being able to use the platform ‘anytime and from anywhere’ is invaluable. Our staff members simply select the assigned links and complete their training. I receive scores by email immediately and can create reports that are then added to staff members’ employment records.”


The agency trains around 200 employees annually and the majority of them take 12 tests each. After implementing eSkill, they found that in addition to reducing training costs, they could manage their entire training process more efficiently because they did not have to worry about exceeding a monthly test allotment. This meant that managers could require employees to complete more skills assessments and easily determine where training was needed and employees could also retake tests as many times as needed to fully master material. Managers could also evaluate tests and individual questions by degree of difficulty and immediately address problem areas.

eSkill also makes it easy for them to maintain compliance with ever-changing industry regulations and accommodate changes in internal processes and procedures. When changes are needed, skills assessments can easily be edited and updated using eSkill Author.

As summarized by the Quality Improvement Supervisor, “eSkill has enabled us to identify knowledge gaps so we can train our entire workforce efficiently. My staff appreciates how easy it is to use, and the ability to compile all scores in a single report saves us hours of time.”

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