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Customer overview

OSF Digital is a dynamic Application Development and Technology Integration services provider headquartered in Quebec, Canada. Started as a small enterprise in 2003, OSF Digital has grown into a global IT company with 550+ employees and offices around the world—in the U.S., South America, Asia, and Europe.

Business challenge.

OSF Digital has grown quickly in terms of employees and clients, and as a result, it is confronted with a special training challenge:

Evaluating employees’ knowledge about the company business processes, policies and procedures after the induction training on a yearly basis.

The company’s economic and social success depends on the employees’ knowledge about the company’s standards, procedures and best practices in integration projects. To deliver high quality services and meet tight deadlines, employees need to demonstrate their expertise in development, testing, management procedures, estimation and analysis procedures, IT policies, company procedures and guidelines, HR policies, special procedures and guidelines unique to each department.

That’s why the major challenge for the Quality Management department is to make sure employees have the knowledge necessary to run the company’s business processes efficiently and effectively.


In 2017, OSF Global grew from 450 employees to 550 employees. The aggressive growth of the company – in terms of human resources and clients – required a dramatic improvement in the induction training and post-employment evaluation phase.

Once OSF Global identified all of the key requirements for each job, they created a relevant multiple-subject test for each rule and procedure and finalized a library of tests in their test center. The employees took this post-employment test after their induction period and evaluation tests on a yearly basis thereafter. After the tests were administered to the employees, HR quickly identified who needed more training or was unaware of business processes requirements, policies and procedures.

This test took 30 minutes for the test-taker to complete and 32 hours for the company to configure the tests, administer them to 550 employees and centralize the answers for those 550 employees.

Results and Benefits

OSF Digital’ periodic quality management post-employment evaluation process significantly changed once the company started using eSkill. Configuring and using eSkill tests helped them to evaluate all 550 employees more accurately and within a 32-hour timeframe.



By using eSkill in our QA post-employment evaluation processes, OSF reduced the costs of the annual evaluation by 75%. The Quality Management department succeeded in measuring the business process knowledge level across company in an easy, fast and accurate way.

This internal knowledge evaluation tool:

  • Provides accurate indicators and grades for measuring core competencies after a skills training or internal evaluation.
  • Allows the use of test results as valid key performance indicators in accurately predicting the employees’ potential to fulfill future tasks correlated with their job.
  • Internal evaluations increase in accuracy, teams become higher-performing over time.
  • Time-to-evaluate due to the employees testing themselves on their own time.
  • Manpower is saved due to less time spent manually testing the internal knowledge.
  • Saves the company approximately 75% of the resources previously spent on yearly internal evaluations.

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“Our strategic partnership with eSkill has helped us most in keeping tight quality control over our annual evaluation process, which used to be an exhausting activity. Using eSkill, we can customize questions and create our own assessments that support our goal of consistently evaluating our employees’ knowledge of our business processes. I estimate that our evaluation
costs decreased by 75%. Moreover, because eSkill assessments can be used online anywhere, we can easily perform these internal evaluations with all of our employees around the world.”

Alexandra Gazda, Quality Director & Operations Manager, OSF-Global Services

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