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Solutions By Design has been providing computer sales and repair, network and server design, and technical support to small and medium-sized businesses in upstate New York since 1997. It partners with technology providers such as HP, Cisco, Datto, Carbonite, and Intel to deliver IT and managed services that help clients maximize business continuity, reduce downtime, and protect sensitive business data.

The Situation

Solutions By Design was not using an assessment solution in its hiring process but decided to implement one because they were finding it difficult to evaluate candidates’ technical support, customer service, and programming skills during standard interviews.

Solutions By Design is a small business and does not have a dedicated HR team. Team members who are involved in the hiring process wear multiple hats and do many different jobs. Therefore, one of their biggest priorities was that the assessment solution would help them spend less time screening applicants so they could immediately eliminate those who did not have the required skills and focus on top candidates. They knew this would help them make better hires as well as make their entire process more efficient.

The Solution

Solutions By Design was using Indeed as its applicant tracking system (ATS). So, the team evaluated Indeed as an assessment solution provider along with Criteria (HireSelect) and the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform.

They selected the eSkill because of the depth and breadth of the eSkill Assessment Library and because of the customization options available to them. They could select from among hundreds of pre-prepared assessments, but also had the flexibility to create completely customized assessments for each of their job roles.

They were also impressed with how easy eSkill was to use. They were able to set it up and send candidates assessments immediately, and they could contact their dedicated Assessment Expert if they had a question or needed help.

The Results

By implementing the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform, Solutions By Design has streamlined its entire hiring process and can now easily identify and hire top candidates. The team has cut the time it spends screening applicants by half and wastes less time interviewing unqualified candidates. This has enabled them to reduce time-to-hire and improve hiring outcomes.

As summarized by Donald Robbins, Solutions By Design CFO, “eSkill helps us identify high-quality applicants so we can make better hires and has helped us streamline our hiring. We spend 50% less time screening applicants. and conducting phone interviews than we used to.”

Please request a demo to learn how the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform can help you spend less time screening applicants so you can focus on top candidates and make better hires.

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