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Senior Management Advisors (SMA) manages full-service independent living, assisted living, and Alzheimer’s communities that are owned by businesses, financial institutions, private investors, and government agencies. The company is based in Clearwater, FL and it operates facilities statewide.

SMA was originally formed to manage a portfolio of 18 senior living communities located throughout Florida and Texas. Its success in stabilizing the properties and achieving an average occupancy rate of 96% made it possible for the company to sell the entire portfolio. This success established SMA as an expert at turning troubled assets into highly lucrative investments and generated interest from other ownership groups.

As a result, SMA’s business grew, and today it is respected industry-wide for its ability to enhance and improve the profitability of assisted living communities and deliver superior investment returns to its clients and business partners.

The Situation

SMA was using hiring assessments it created in-house to recruit accounting clerks, general ledger accountants, managed care clerks and business office coordinators. The HR team and managers agreed that they could improve hiring outcomes if they could identify top candidates more easily. Their current tests limited their ability to fully assess skills and abilities. As a result, they had too many hiring “mistakes,” and attrition rates were higher than they should be.

The Solution

The SMA team found eSkill through an Internet search. They tried a demo, liked what they saw and bought a Basic Subscription. One factor that influenced their decision was how easy eSkill was for the HR team to use. It was so intuitive that the team had it up and running within hours, and no training was required. If they encountered a problem or had a question, they could contact their dedicated Assessment Expert and get help immediately.

They were also impressed with the eSkill Test Library because they had access to over 800 job- and subject-based hiring assessments and also had the flexibility to build custom tests using questions from multiple tests and add their own questions.

The Results

SMA already had a process in place that enabled the HR team to screen candidates effectively. eSkill improved on what they were already doing and made it easier and more efficient by enabling them to instantly weed out candidates with low test scores.

The HR team has seen how eSkill can help them improve hiring outcomes. They can onboard new hires more quickly because they have improved overall quality of hire. As stated by Patty White, HR Coordinator, “The customized hiring assessments we create using eSkill have helped us hire better-quality candidates which will probably help us reduce turnover.”

Now that the HR team has seen how eSkill can help them improve hiring outcomes, they are developing a program to use it to streamline their employee training and development processes.

Please request a demo to learn how eSkill’s hiring assessments can help you improve hiring outcomes and reduce turnover.

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