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Slingshot Technologies is a customer engagement and sales service platform that helps home services providers such as landscapers, pest control, and HVAC maintenance companies generate leads, manage customer inquiries, and expedite payment.

The company was founded in 2014 and has grown into a $3.5 million enterprise that helps its clients manage over three million customer interactions per year and generate over $25 million in annual revenue.

Slingshot Technologies was named to Deloitte’s 2020 Technology Fast 500™ list, is ranked 294 in North America, and is the 7th-ranked Utah-based company on the list.

The Situation

Slingshot Technologies was not using employment assessments, but with the rapid growth the company was experiencing, management knew the HR team needed a more efficient way to screen candidates. Recruiters were manually reviewing resumes and applications which was very resource-intensive. They also needed a way to evaluate applicants’ skills during second interviews for entry-level positions so they could easily identify top candidates and improve quality of hire.

The Solution

Slingshot Technologies chose eSkill because they felt it offered the best value for their needs. They could choose from among hundreds of pre-prepared employment assessments in the eSkill Library or build custom assessments by choosing questions and adding their own content.

They saw how easy eSkill was for the HR team to use when they tried a free demo. Recruiters had it up and running within hours with no training. If they had a problem or question, they could get help immediately by contacting their dedicated Assessment Expert.

The Results

Slingshot Technologies initially purchased credits in May 2020 and then upgraded to a Basic Subscription. Since then, It has upgraded again to an Enterprise Subscription because the HR team saw that using employment assessments enabled them to streamline their entire hiring process, and having the ability to customize assessments for each job role helped them improve quality of hire.

As Jeremiah Smith, Head of HR & People explained, “We have reduced time-to-hire by at least two or three days simply by eliminating inefficiencies in our process. Recruiters no longer have to manually screen applicants and there is no need to go back and forth with candidates to schedule and conduct interviews.”

He elaborated further by providing examples of how eSkill has helped his team work smarter and more efficiently. “Since we can customize assessments to specific call center roles, we can immediately remove unqualified candidates from consideration. In October 2021 alone, we were able to screen out 24% of candidates who applied for a position because they did not have the required level of computer proficiency and had below-average scores on reading comprehension and typing speed assessments.”

He summarized by saying, “The ability to customize employment assessments for our hiring needs has saved us countless hours and improved candidate experience. This has made hiring decisions significantly easier and has given us more confidence in overall quality-of-hire.”

Now that Slingshot Technologies has seen how eSkill can help them improve hiring outcomes the HR team’s next goal is to reduce turnover. So, they have started including video response questions in employment assessments to set clear expectations with candidates and enable them to evaluate qualities that are difficult to gauge by evaluating assessment scores and results.

Please request a demo to learn how eSkill’s employment assessments can help you improve quality of hire and reduce turnover.

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