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CCI’s success depends on its ability to send clients highly-qualified candidates for jobs they need to fill. It was administering manual MS Office skills tests and hiring assessments to evaluate candidates’ computer proficiency, accounting knowledge, and general office skills. However, recruiters felt the process was inefficient because the applicant screening process took too long, and because the manual tests did not always help them identify the best candidates. So, the team decided to research products that would help them screen applicants more efficiently.


After evaluating several products, CCI decided that eSkill was the best solution for their needs. Recruiters could easily create MS Office skills tests as well as hiring assessments to evaluate accounting knowledge and basic office skills using questions from the eSkill Test Library. They could customize assessments by adding their own questions or those the client provided, and could even include simulations so they could see how candidates would perform in real-life job situations.


Setting up and implementing eSkill was easy for CCI and the team appreciated that help from eSkill was a phone call or chat away if they had a question or problem. When their test center was operational, they immediately found that they could screen applicants more quickly and accurately. They also enjoyed the convenience of being able to access tests and reports anytime and from anywhere. As summarized by Cynthia Von Bodungen, CCI owner, “Using eSkill helps us really know and understand our candidates’ skillsets and abilities so we can present them to clients with confidence.”

The CCI team’s plans include exploring options and upgrades eSkill offers such as video interviews and behavioral assessments so they can further enhance their recruiting and hiring process, and enlisting eSkill’s help to develop skills tests that will help them better evaluate candidates for paralegal and legal secretarial positions.

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