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HomeServe USA provides home repair service solutions that provide protection for homeowners from expensive and inopportune repair costs. Its service plans cover parts and labor to repair critical electrical, gas, heating, cooling, and water systems for more than 4 million homeowners through 5.6 million partners throughout the U.S. and Canada. HomeServe USA is the North American arm of HomeServe PLC, a London Stock Exchange-listed company in the top 200 UK companies by market capitalization.

The Situation

HomeServe USA was not using an assessment solution. This meant the HR team could not pre-screen candidates and had to schedule interviews for all applicants. This wasted a lot of time because many candidates did not return calls or were “no shows.”

Management decided to explore the feasibility of using assessment tests once they understood how labor-intensive the candidate-screening process was. They also saw that assessment tests would help the HR team evaluate skills that were hard to measure during interviews such as computer proficiency and candidates’ ability to handle common customer service situations.

The Solution

The management team established an evaluation committee to research potential assessment test providers and tasked the members with finding a solution that would help HomeServe USA decrease candidate screening time and evaluate skills that are hard to measure more accurately. They knew this would streamline the entire hiring process and reduce the number of hiring “mistakes.”

Evaluators learned about the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM while researching solutions, requested a demo, and ultimately purchased a Premium Subscription. The biggest deciding factors were the depth and breadth of the Assessment Library, the option to choose pre-prepared assessment tests from or build their own, and the availability of simulations that would help recruiters accurately evaluate candidates’ computer “soft” skills.

The Results

HomeServe USA has significantly decreased the amount of time required for applicant screening. This has saved the HR team countless hours, helped them reduce recruiting expenses, and made the hiring process much more efficient.

Recruiters have seen a big improvement in candidate retention. Before HomeServe USA implemented the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform, only 50% of applicants who were scheduled for interviews showed up. This has increased to 90% because the team can easily weed out candidates who are not qualified or not really interested in the position.

Implementing the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform has also helped HomeServe USA improve hiring outcomes. According to feedback from IT Managers, newly hired agents get up to speed more quickly during training because they have good basic PC skills.

According to Paige Amorosa, Talent Acquisition Specialist, the HR team can also identify candidates with required skills more easily. “eSkill has become a critical step in our selection process because we can evaluate hard-to-measure skills that would otherwise be impossible to assess through interviewing alone.”

Because of their experience with the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform and the results they have seen so far, the HR team is planning to include video response questions in assessment tests so they can get a more comprehensive view of candidates’ abilities during the interview process. 

Please request a demo to learn how the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform enables you to create assessment tests that improve hiring outcomes and make it easier to evaluate hard-to-measure skills.

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