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Public organizations face many hurdles when recruiting. An aging workforce, antiquated hiring processes, tight budgets, and existing skills shortages make hiring effectively and efficiently difficult. A study conducted by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence found the primary challenge public sector agencies face is the ability to recruit and retain qualified personnel.

Eliminating onerous paperwork and shortening the length of the hiring process is critical for public agencies to identify and secure top talent. Streamlining outdated processes and improving the candidate experience is possible with advanced human resources (HR) technology.

As public sector agencies consider adding pre employment assessment tests to their existing HR processes, more choose to partner with eSkill. eSkill is an industry leader in pre employment skills testing.

Here is a look at the top reasons public sector agencies choose eSkill.

  1. Make Data-Driven Hiring Decisions

Unconscious bias is a significant issue in hiring, and employers must develop processes to minimize its impact on hiring decisions. eSkill’s pre employment assessment tests provide employers with objective, analytical data that can predict candidates’ potential for success in a job. With eSkill’s pre employment skills testing platform, hiring teams can gain greater insight into job-seekers’ skills and abilities related to specific positions.

When HR professionals partner with eSkill, they can create an objective process to measure candidates’ future performance. Doing so decreases the average time to hire, improves the employee retention rate, and increases productivity.

  1. Reliable, Consistent Results

eSkill’s pre employment tests improve hiring outcomes by producing reliable, consistent results. The tests will elicit approximately the same score each time the same candidate takes it. eSkill’s assessments are dependable and stable measures of characteristics, skills, and competencies.

Validity is the most important criteria for the quality of a test. The term validity refers to whether the test measures what it claims to measure. eSkill’s “pre-made” job-specific and subject-specific skills tests have a proven validity, as the items on each test measure specific skills and competencies.

  1. Legally Defensible

eSkill’s pre employment assessment tests improve hiring outcomes while simultaneously reducing risk and liability. Using a test customized to match the exact requirements of a position has more legal defensibility than not using a test at all. Since eSkill’s pre employment testing platform enables hiring teams to customize and configure assessments to align with the precise skills, competencies, and aptitude of any position, creating and administering a test that follows the guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is simplified.

eSkill is proud of a perfect 20-year record free of litigation and in compliance with the EEOC.

  1. Extensive Library of Customizable Assessments

With the most extensive library of combinable skills tests and modular subjects in the HR industry, eSkill makes it easy to select and customize public sector pre employment tests that are legally permissible. eSkill’s catalog of tests includes over 800 subject- and job-specific assessments, thousands of modular topics and questions, job simulations, cognitive ability tests, and behavioral assessments.

eSkill offers employers endless customization options, including:

  • Combining tests. Add multiple tests into a single assessment to create a seamless yet comprehensive evaluation of candidates.
  • Setting the difficulty level of questions. Select from beginner to advanced questions in every subject to evaluate candidates for any experience level.
  • Editing questions. Add, remove, or edit any question on any test.
  • Automating the next steps for job-seekers. Employers can send applicants to pre-determined landing pages, based on their respective test scores, that provide candidates with the next step in the selection process.
  • Saving modified assessments as templates. Copy existing assessments and edit them to develop a new version.
  • Setting time limits. Select time limits for questions or the entire test.
  • Adding custom instructions. Include instructions for custom content that you add or for the standard questions.
  • Customizing logos and branding. Add your organizations’ logos and colors to the assessments.
  1. Suite of Innovative Hiring Tools

eSkill offers employers a suite of hiring tools that integrate with applicant tracking systems (ATS) for a seamless experience.

eSkill’s hiring tools include:

  • On-Demand Video Interviews. Streamline interviewing. Record questions for candidates to respond to and watch and score the results at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Team Scoring. Assign multiple evaluators to review open-ended questions or on-demand video interview responses.
  • Interactive User Dashboard. eSkill’s dashboard is an interactive tool, built to streamline communication with candidates and amongst hiring teams. Review, share and analyze candidates’ score profiles, all in one place.
  • Job Simulations. From call center simulations to computer coding, eSkill offers various interactive job simulation tests that mimic real work environments.
  1. Unrivaled Support

eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers can assist you in:

  1. Identifying the skills, competencies, and aptitude necessary to succeed in a specific position
  2. Customizing pre employment assessment test by combining or editing relevant job-specific skills and behavioral questions
  3. Creating on-demand video interviews
  4. Detailing how to review, compile, and share assessment results

It is time for the public sector to keep pace with the evolution of work. When organizations use eSkill’s advanced employment testing technology to bolster their workforce, they can screen and hire top talent.

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