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Year after year, eSkill is ranked among the top pre-employment assessment companies globally. We have been recognized by preeminent organizations and technology reviewers such as G2. Specifically, our products have received praise for their performance, reporting quality, and customizability.

The skills testing and pre-employment screening sector has exploded over the last few years as organizations continue to contend with a widespread talent shortage. This shortage has led businesses across all industries to reevaluate their pre-employment screening processes to make better hiring decisions and identify top talent.

During that time, hundreds of businesses have turned to eSkill as their trusted pre-employment screening partner. Each time, our user-friendly platform, comprehensive suite of skills assessments, and world-class customer service have allowed us to rise to the occasion.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions so that you can determine whether we are the right partner for your organization, keep on reading.

Why eSkill Is Among the Top Pre-Employment Assessment Companies

eSkill differentiates itself by providing our clients with an innovative online dashboard, expertly designed pre-employment assessment tools, and ongoing customer support. Cumulatively, these products ensure that our clients can seamlessly access the screening resources they need when they need them.

We care about your HR outcomes. We are here to support you. We are highly focused on making your hiring and training as efficient and productive as possible.

We care. We are here for you. We are responsive, accountable, and committed to the communication you need to be effective.  With eSkill you can pick up the phone and talk to an assigned and consistent Client Success Manager. We take ownership to make sure issues are resolved. You will not have to set up a ticket. Response times are typically same day.

A dedicated, US-based Assessment Expert, a dedicated Client Success Manager, for every client to ensure its success using eSkill assessments.

We are your partner in customizing a solution that will fit your unique needs.

What you can expect:

  • In the planning stage, your assigned Client Success Manager helps you determine measurable outcomes, define the scope, determine roles, and responsibilities for testing, and develop training and assessment strategies.
  • In the test building stage, your Client Success Manager focuses on reviewing your job requirements and workflow preferences before helping you build your assessments accordingly.
  • In the deployment stage, eSkill monitors your assessment progress for all your locations. After each test is completed, the result will be immediately available on your eSkill dashboard, where you can review and share those results and create detailed reports. eSkill will share best practices to help you get off on the right foot.
  • In the ongoing engagement, Client Success Manager will communicate with you to make sure we meet your expectations established in the planning stage and as your business needs change. eSkill will help you with everything from assessment set up, reporting, issues, best practices, and training/re-training your team. We are flexible and adaptable to adjust to changes in your environment, your team, and your business processes.
  • eSkill’s on-going consultative services will help even the most demanding employers get the best results from an eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM including on-demand assessment job analysis, skills test design, user training, custom content creation, business process workflow, security, compliance, validation studies, ROI case studies, and reporting.
  • You can trust eSkill’s proactive communication about new products, issues with assessment takers, adjustments for your evolving human resources processes and more. We go the extra mile for you.

Our Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

While the eSkill platform is one of the best in the industry, what truly sets us apart is the quality of our pre-employment assessment tools. eSkill offers two types of screening tools: skills tests and behavioral assessments.

Skills tests are by far our most popular pre-employment assessment. During a skills test, an applicant will answer various questions in multiple-choice, simple select, and true/false formats.

The length of each skills test will vary depending on the subject, but many of them are around 40 questions. We have our skills tests categorized by industry and subject so you can easily find the best assessment for your organization’s needs.

In addition to job-specific skills tests, we also have an entire suite of “Abilities & Aptitudes” skills tests. These more generalized assessments are designed to measure a candidate’s soft skills, which are abilities that are not directly related to a particular profession. Examples of our soft skills tests include Reasoning Ability, Office Filing, and Following Directions.

Skills tests can provide valuable information about a candidate’s abilities. These assessments go far beyond interviews and resumes, as they allow hiring teams to verify that each candidate possesses the knowledge they claim to have.

Although skills tests remain our most popular pre-employment screening tool, behavioral assessments are incredibly useful for evaluating candidates. Top talent agencies such as Indeed have praised behavioral assessments, as they provide hiring teams with deep insights into a candidate’s core personality traits.

Whereas a skills test measures an applicant’s learned abilities, a behavioral assessment reveals information about their innate and acquired personality characteristics. This insight includes an exploration of their work ethic, motivations, and propensity for working with others.

By offering our clients access to both skills tests and behavioral assessments, as well as video response questions and simulations, eSkill can drastically enhance the effectiveness of your hiring practices.

Cumulatively, these screening tools allow our clients to identify candidates who possess the talent and behavioral characteristics necessary to succeed within their organization. This analysis leads to less turnover, better employee morale, a reduced cost of hiring, and more profitability.

Access Award-Winning Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

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