How To Use Verbal And Non Verbal Reasoning Skills Tests

Predicting how well a candidate or existing employee will perform can feel like a crapshoot. The individual may look great on paper and “talk the talk,” but cannot do the job or grow in the position. To gain an objective measure of potential job performance, experienced human resource professionals turn to reliable and valid cognitive ability assessments.

Cognitive ability is consistently the best predictor of job performance across all occupations, levels, and industries. Unlike job knowledge and technical skills, training, and professional development have little effect on an individual’s cognitive abilities. According to a longitudinal study published in the Psychological Science Journal, cognitive abilities tend to remain highly stable for a long time and are good indicators of success.

Testing cognitive abilities such as verbal and non verbal reasoning should be included in any pre-employment and workforce development assessment. eSkill’s verbal and non verbal reasoning skills tests provide employers with the quantitative data they need to make informed hiring decisions. With a track record of reducing the time-to-hire and lowering costs associated with talent acquisition, eSkill’s automated tests for employment streamline the hiring process.

Verbal Reasoning Skills Test

Verbal reasoning is an essential skill in the workplace because it is the foundation for communicating with colleagues, reading and interpreting reports, discussing products or services with customers, and writing professionally. This is true for technical positions because employees still need to be able to communicate effectively with team members, management and customers. 

While verbal reasoning skills tests are mainly used to measure an individual’s ability to understand, analyze and interpret written information, verbal reasoning ability is also the primary predictor of job performance, according to a meta-analytic study.

eSkill’s verbal reasoning skills test should be used to ascertain individuals’ ability to work logically, accurately, and intelligently with the written word and to perform well in any position.

eSkill’s verbal reasoning skills tests assess how well a candidate can:

  • Think critically about a set of information
  • Compare different written texts
  • Draw logical conclusions
  • Express relevant details and information to clients and colleagues
  • Solve problems

eSkill’s verbal reasoning skills tests require test-takers to analyze and understand complex and very specialized textual information. This is an indicator of how fast individuals can learn or extract new information.

Non Verbal Reasoning Skills Test

An individual with a higher non verbal reasoning ability is better equipped to work in roles that require fast decision making. Non verbal reasoning abilities or visual reasoning abilities are particularly relevant for success in jobs in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM). Non verbal reasoning tests are a good indicator of general intelligence and the ability to learn new things quickly since they do not rely on previously obtained verbal or mathematical knowledge.

eSkill’s non verbal reasoning skills tests measure the test-takers ability to: analyze visual information and solve problems based on visual reasoning.

Without the need to draw on existing knowledge, eSkill’s non verbal reasoning skills tests measure how easily test-takers grasp new concepts in subjects such as technology, engineering, mathematics, computing, physics, architecture, science, and other fields which involve working with visual information.

Create a Customized and Comprehensive Skills Test

While cognitive ability tests can be very helpful, they are only one piece of the puzzle. To obtain a complete picture of a candidate, combine cognitive ability tests with skills tests to develop a comprehensive assessment. Measures of both cognitive ability and job-relevant knowledge and skills are needed to predict how individuals will perform on the job, increase employee retention, and improve productivity. This comprehensive approach is critical to avoid placing individuals in positions for which they are not well suited.

Since technical skills, cognitive abilities, and emotional intelligence requirements vary from job to job and differ by industry, eSkill offers hundreds of job-specific and single-subject assessments that can be used “as is” or edited to create an assessment that aligns with any position. eSkill’s Customer Success Managers can help HR professionals select or develop cognitive and behavioral assessment tests that are valid and reliable indicators of career longevity.

In today’s candidate-driven talent market, it is increasingly important that companies hire the right person the first time. eSkill’s cognitive ability and skills tests are reliable and valid methods of gaining valuable insight that can be used when making hiring and workforce development decisions. They help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of both new-hires and existing employees so you can place them in jobs that are a good fit for their skills and strengths, and promote them to suitable roles within the company. Use eSkill’s expansive library of customizable cognitive and behavioral assessments and skills tests to save time, improve retention, and make better hiring and workforce development decisions.

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