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It should not come as a surprise that online retail sales have skyrocketed during the past year. Online retail sales had steadily increased during the past two decades, but the Coronavirus pandemic accelerated the trend. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in the third quarter of 2020, the percentage of retail sales attributed to e-commerce was up 36.7% from the same period in 2019. As more and more customers shift from shopping at brick-and-mortar retail outlets to shopping online, retailers must quickly adapt workforce strategies to keep pace.

To maintain a competitive edge, retailers must secure talent with the most in-demand skill sets in the online retail industry. Skill sets emerging as a top priority for online retailers include those needed for cybersecurity, warehousing and logistics, digital marketing, web development, design, and virtual customer service positions. Selecting candidates with the skills required to develop, market, and maintain an e-commerce platform successfully is critical to driving online retail sales.

Skills testing enables organizations to objectively verify candidates’ job-relevant skill sets and hire top talent with certainty. eSkill’s extensive library of customizable employment assessment tests allows retailers to select and administer tests that measure the exact skills needed for any position in the online retail industry.

Avoid a Data Breach

Developing a platform that ensures consumers’ credit card and banking information is secure is an essential component of online sales. A flaw in a payment system can provide hackers with an opportunity to access valuable customer data. Businesses face a possible hit to their reputation and costly settlements if a data breach occurs. As a case in point, retail giant Target paid $18.5 million to settle the company’s 2013 security breach of 41 million customer accounts in 2017.

With consumer confidence and retailers’ bottom lines counting on secure e-commerce platforms, organizations must hire the right information technology employees. eSkill’s cybersecurity skills tests enable employers to know with certainty that individuals have the skills needed to guard against cyber-attack. The tests evaluate candidates’ ability to install, configure, and monitor security systems, including the ability to formulate security architecture recommendations and design security services. With eSkill’s cybersecurity skills tests, organizations can identify candidates with the proven ability to develop, implement, and maintain an information security program.

Create a Superior Customer Experience

Online retailers need employees capable of developing, designing, and maintaining e-commerce platforms that entice customers and drive sales. eSkill offers a wide selection of customizable skills tests configured to measure candidates’ abilities in a wide range of web development skills, including:

  • Web Developer Skills Test
  • Web Designer Skills Test
  • User Interface Engineer Skills Test
  • iOS Developer Skills Test
  • Android Developer Skills Test

Another integral part of creating a positive online customer experience is responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service agents. eSkill makes identifying candidates with both people skills and technical skills simple and effective. eSkill’s customer service skills tests for e-commerce include:

  • Electronic Sales Associate Skills Test
  • Retail Call Center Skills Test
  • Live Chat Operator Skills Test

Organizations can confidently hire candidates capable of creating a superior customer experience by using eSkill’s pre-employment testing platform.

Drive Online Traffic

Creating an exceptional customer experience is only half of the battle. Driving traffic to e-commerce platforms is the key to increasing online sales. From search engine optimization (SEO) to social media campaigns, top online retailers secure talent capable of implementing comprehensive and effective digital marketing plans.

eSkill has dozens of marketing skills tests ideal for hiring in online retail, including:

  • E-Commerce Project Manager Skills Test
  • E-Commerce Strategist Skills Test
  • Email Marketing Campaign Specialist Skills Test
  • Social Media Specialist Skills Test
  • SEO Specialist Skills Test
  • Web Merchant Skills Test

Efficiently Fulfill Orders

Order fulfillment is one of the most important pieces of maintaining a viable online retail business. Since Amazon began offering two-day shipping, consumers everywhere have become accustomed to fast and reliable order fulfillment. Today, organizations need warehouse workers who can quickly fill and ship orders without error, and managers who can ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

eSkill has made it easy for organizations to find individuals best suited for roles in the distribution end of online retail. eSkill’s top retail distribution skills tests include:

  • Warehouse Pick and Pack Skills Test
  • Supply Chain Management Skills Test
  • Warehouse Supervisor Skills Test
  • Warehouse Operator Skills Test
  • Forklift Operator Skills Test

As technology continues to evolve exponentially, so do the skill sets needed for roles in the e-commerce industry. eSkill’s expert employment assessment test developers continue to add new skills tests to the already extensive pre-employment testing library to keep pace. With nearly 20 years free of litigation and diligent compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines, eSkill is a proven industry leader in skills testing.

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