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Finding new talent in a saturated labor market is a risky investment for any company. The first step toward making better hires and increasing employee retention is to ensure candidates are the right fit for the job. This is why top companies use pre-employment assessments to mitigate the risk of hiring mistakes.

eSkill’s employment personality tests and skills tests make vetting applicants simple and effective, and reduce the amount of time needed during the candidate selection process thus reducing turnover. The results of employment personality tests are immensely helpful in selecting the candidates best suited for a position, team, and organization. eSkill’s personality tests are behavioral assessments of test-takers’ disposition, role suitability, and fit within a company’s culture.

Obtain a Complete Picture of Candidates

While personality tests can be very helpful, they are only one piece of the puzzle. It is necessary to assess behavior, temperament and personality traits as well as hard skills to vet candidates thoroughly. To obtain a complete picture of candidates, employment personality tests should be used in combination with skills tests to develop a comprehensive assessment. Both personality tests for employment and skills tests are needed to predict how candidates’ will perform once they are hired, assess cultural fit, improve productivity, and increase employee retention. This comprehensive approach is essential to mitigate the risk of making hiring mistakes.

Since technical skill requirements and emotional intelligence vary from job to job and by industry, eSkill offers hundreds of job-specific and single-subject assessments that can be used “as is” or edited to create a comprehensive test that aligns with any position. eSkill’s Customer Success Managers are available to help employers select or customize cognitive and behavioral assessment tests that are reliable and valid indicators of career longevity. 

Future Performance

Companies that implement a comprehensive assessment strategy designed to predict job performance experience better hiring results. Candidates’ future job performance can be most effectively measured when a multi-measure tool that takes into account personality, cognitive ability and skills is used. A meta-analysis of research about the validity of cognitive ability and personality measures found that “few constructs have demonstrated as much real-world utility as personality and intelligence, particularly when it comes to predicting and explaining individual differences in career-related outcomes.” Assessments that incorporate the measurement of personality traits and behavioral characteristics are more reliable at predicting long-term performance since they measure traits such as intelligence and temperament, which remain relatively stable throughout a person’s life.

Assess Cultural Fit

Making an informed hiring decision would not be possible without first taking into account an applicant’s cultural fit. Technical skills are important when making a hiring decision, but they are only part of the picture. Employers should not just hire someone who can do the job. They should hire someone who can do the job, build relationships with teammates and thrive in the company’s culture.

Typically, employees perform better when they are surrounded by like-minded individuals. Employment personality assessments help companies build a team that will work well together based on preferred personality traits, interests, and temperament. A study by Deloitte found that employees are more likely to stay with a company longer if they share the organization’s values. Since it is not possible to teach employees to align with a company’s culture, it is important to find job seekers who already possess the necessary values, priorities, and attitudes.

Improve Employee Retention

Employee turnover is a costly reality for all businesses. In response, organizations must re-examine the talent management processes currently in place to ensure new hires are a good fit for a position and are likely to stay with the company. By leveraging the results of eSkill’s personality and behavior assessments employers can allocate tasks that are well-matched to people’s strengths—an important factor in reducing employee turnover. Employees who are repeatedly misaligned to their work role don’t stay, according to a study commissioned by LinkedIn.

The insights gleaned about employees through behavioral assessments can also help managers understand the ideal way to coach team members or provide feedback. Since every employee has a different preference, managers can personalize their approach and style for better communication. This also helps managers connect effectively with each team member, which ultimately reduces employee turnover.

In today’s tight labor market, it is increasingly important that businesses hire the right person the first time. eSkill’s personality assessments and skills tests are a reliable and valid method of gaining valuable insight into candidates’ personality traits, aptitude, and job-specific skill sets. eSkill provides a legally defensible testing platform because it has a nearly 20-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance.

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