ESkill How To Hire Train Employees Fast As Your Company Gets Back To Work

Businesses changed the way they operate during the COVID-19 crisis. Some changes were forced, and others resulted from innovation in the face of a crisis. As a result, the workforce has changed as well as the way we work, and the talent management process.

As the economy reopens, there is a unique opportunity for talent professionals to source top talent. With unemployment rates hitting historic highs, chances are when you begin hiring, you will receive a flood of applications. To take advantage of this new labor market, Human Resources (HR) professionals must implement new processes to hire, onboard, and train new talent quickly and effectively. Companies that develop agile talent management practices will have a competitive edge as they begin to consider how to hire employees fast.

Improve Your Tech Stack

As a talent professional, your main objective is to select the best-qualified candidates and learn how to hire employees fast and efficiently. Embracing digital transformation will help you create a more agile and responsive hiring workflow and streamline your recruiting process.

As technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, HR departments are increasingly leveraging the innovations. According to PwC’s 2020 HR Technology Survey, 74% of companies surveyed expect to increase spending on HR tech solutions in 2020, and 49% plan new investments in talent acquisition. Online hiring tools like eSkill’s innovative skills tests and one-way video interviewing software are amongst the many changes organizations are adopting in the wake of the coronavirus.

Skills Tests Streamline Hiring & Improve Training

Employment skills tests are commonly used to make the talent selection process more efficient, and to reduce the possibility of bias. When you select skills tests that are valid, reliable, and properly administered, they provide valuable insights into test-takers’ true abilities.

With eSkill, it is easy to configure skills assessments to match the specific requirements of any position by combining job- and subject-specific tests with any modular subject. For instance, you can combine eSkill’s subject-specific ‘QuickBooks Pro’ Skills Test with eSkill’s job-based ‘Billing Coordinator’ Skills Test to create a comprehensive assessment. With eSkill’s Assessment Author, it is also easy to add or edit questions to modify assessments and add your own questions.

Skills assessments are also used during the onboarding process. eSkill’s user-friendly platform provides detailed score reports that identify individuals’ strengths and weaknesses. Analyze the score report to determine areas that need improvement and areas of strength and develop a targeted training plan. With a personalized learning path routed, the employee will have the framework needed to confidently learn new skills.

eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers are always available to provide expert guidance in selecting, customizing, and administering reliable, valid skills tests, and provide expertise on how to hire employees fast.

Leverage On-Demand Interviews

While most companies are familiar with a typical two-person interview via video, eSkill’s one-way, or on-demand, video software is designed specifically for hiring. HR professionals no longer need to schedule initial interviews, spend time asking questions to each candidate, or coordinating the hiring teams’ and candidates’ schedules for group interviews. Candidates record responses to pre-defined interview questions at their convenience. This eliminates scheduling conflicts and gives hiring teams a full picture of job-seekers in a fraction of the time.

On-demand video interviews also reduce bias because all applicants answer the same questions in the same order, and standardized scoring procedures are used for all applicants. There is no opportunity in a pre-configured, one-way video interview to ask candidates differing questions that may stem from personal, unconscious biases. A one-way video interview can be reviewed by members of the hiring team and scored against objective predetermined criteria so they can compare the results with other candidates.

Scoring interviews for a position is a collaborative effort for the hiring team because members are provided with clearly defined guidelines. This reduces the amount of time spent on the initial round of interviews and enables hiring teams to compare applicants’ scores and move the top-scoring interviewees to the next stage of the hiring process.

eSkill provides the ideal tools to enhance and streamline the candidate screening and selection process and allows employers to leverage score reports to create personalized and time-efficient onboarding and training programs.

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