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Currently, the staffing market is exceptionally competitive. Per the American Staffing Association (ASA), there are about 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S. alone, which altogether operate around 39,000 offices.

The ASA and CareerBuilder’s 2018 Staffing Buyer Study found that one-third of the companies surveyed using staffing firms reported switching primary firms during the previous 12 months, showing the tenuous relationship between staffing firms and clients.

To retain current clients and win new business staffing firms must prove that they are willing to go further to find qualified candidates.

eSkill understands this need and has developed the most extensive testing catalog in the human resources industry, enabling staffing firms to offer objective data to support their candidate selection process to clients. eSkill’s vault of legally defensible, predictive pre-employment tests assess the skills, aptitude and emotional intelligence applicants need to succeed in any given position.

As the industry leader, eSkill provides staffing firms with a dedicated assessment expert to help create relevant pre-employment assessments. These assessments are then administered to obtain quantifiable data used to predict the potential performance of candidates efficiently and effectively.

Customizable Pre-Employment Assessments for Every Position

The foundation of successful job performance is possessing the required skills and personality traits needed for the role. eSkill’s professionals will assist your staffing firm by constructing reliable and valid pre-employment assessments by first analyzing the requirements of positions to be filled and then creating the ideal pre-hire assessment for each open position.

Hiring assessment companies often provide over-generalized pre-hire assessments, but eSkill is quite different.

With job-based assessments ranging from SEO Specialist to Litigation Legal Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant, Forklift Operator, Civil Engineer, Administrative Assistant and more, it is not hard to find an assessment that suits the needs of your staffing agency’s clients.

In addition to more than, including over 800 standard tests, more than 600 combinable, modular subjects and more than 5,0000 combinable sub-topics, eSkill offers thousands of skill-based assessments and modular subject assessments that can stand alone or be added to any job-based assessment. The single-subject and modular assessments include topics such as Office Filing, Technical Writing Skills, Quickbooks Proficiency, MS Office, and AutoCAD. eSkill’s vast collection of customizable pre-employment assessments sets it apart from the competition.

Realistic Simulations that Predict Future Performance

Gain objective data that can be used to predict candidates’ potential performance with custom simulations. With expertise in electronic testing technology, eSkill has developed realistic computer skills assessment simulations that recreate typical tasks for a given position.

For example, a position may require a certain competency level using Excel®. To obtain a quantifiable analysis of candidates’ skill levels, they complete an online simulation requiring them to complete tasks in this application. The Excel® Simulation covers many topics, including formatting, functions, and formulas, and managing workbooks. Not only are the topics covered customizable, but the version of the software is customizable as well, i.e. Excel® 2013, Excel® 2019, or Excel® XP.

eSkill has created custom and can create online simulations to help your staffing firm assess candidates’ ability to learn and perform processes and procedures that are critical for your clients’ business operations. Providing clients with data that has been proven to be realistic performance predictors will give your firm a competitive edge.

A Fast & Effective Video Interviewing Platform

eSkill offers another pre-hire assessment tool with its user-friendly video interviewing platform. The one-way video interview platform allows candidates to record video or voice answers to predetermined questions. This video is then reviewable at your staffing firm and clients’ convenience. Automating the initial interview speeds the hiring process, saving your staffing agency time and money. eSkill’s professionals are able to assist hiring teams with creating comprehensive pre-employment assessments by providing the option to combine skills tests with video interviews and job-skill simulations.

A Hiring Assessment Company Trusted Across Industries

Among hiring assessment companies, eSkill stands out as an industry leader. Companies across industries and around the globe trust eSkill with their pre-employment assessment needs.

Indeed.com, Express Employment Solutions, AtWork, Zappos, Amazon, and 1-800 Contacts are just a few of the companies that utilize eSkill’s pre-hire assessment tools.

Islam Naguib, a Recruitment Officer for LG Electronics, a South Korean multinational electronics company, had this to say about eSkill’s services:

“At LG Electronics, we believe that pre-employment assessment is now a must-have to ensure that each shortlisted candidate possesses the required skills necessary for the position. So we researched the various products on the market and chose eSkill. eSkill is a comparatively powerful assessment tool that helped us in assessing & comparing candidates’ skills to select the best one.” 

Years of providing customizable, legally defensible pre-employment assessments have established eSkill as a top hiring assessment company.

Defensible Compliance on a Trusted Platform

When administering pre-hire assessments, it is vital to ensure that tests given to applicants are valid and reliable, and yield consistent results that predict success on the job to avoid claims of discrimination.

eSkill has extensive experience creating pre-employment tests that ward off future litigation. All of eSkill’s assessments follow the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures of 1978, which outlines standards the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) holds staffing firms to when implementing pre-employment assessments. eSkill boasts a nearly 20-year EEOC compliance record of administering pre-employment assessments without any litigation.

There is real, measurable value in utilizing eSkill’s pre-hire assessment tools when placing candidates. Not only does the use of these automated tools speed the hiring process, but they also objectively identify candidates with the ideal skills and aptitude to succeed in a position, ultimately reducing turnover and increasing profitability for your staffing firm.

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