1019 Top Pre Employment Assessments

A recent report by Global Recruitment Insight & Data found that 72% of staffing professionals identified skill shortages in today’s tight talent pool to be the top challenge their staffing firm is currently facing. With the nation’s unemployment rate at a twenty-year low, it is critical for staffing agencies to look beyond candidates’ employment history and education credentials to find individuals with in-demand skill sets.

Utilizing eSkill’s job and subject-specific pre-employment assessments, it is possible to pinpoint job seekers who possess the necessary skill set to succeed in a role. eSkill offers thousands of pre-employment assessment tests, making it easy to find the ideal test to measure candidates’ skill set for any position. All of eSkill’s skills tests can be customized; content can be added or edited, and assessments can be combined.

Here are eSkill’s top five pre-employment job-based assessments used by staffing firms.

Note: these job-specific assessments and eSkill’s job-based assessments can be combined with any single-subject or modular test to assess the skill sets required of a job.

  1. Administrative Assistant Skills Test

eSkill’s Administrative Assistant test measures candidates’ ability to efficiently communicate with customers on the phone, by email, or face-to-face, and perform administrative tasks using various computer applications. Use this test to evaluate the potential performance of the following positions: office assistant, assistant manager, and executive assistant.

  • The test covers: Customer Service Skills, Call Center Skills, Front Desk, and Event Planning Skills, and MS Office software (Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Related modular and single-subject tests: Office Filing, Business Communication, Reading Comprehension, And Digital Literacy.
  1. Customer Service Representative Skills Test

Measuring candidates’ ability to ensure consistent productivity and quality of service, maintain customer satisfaction, and efficiently handle customer inquiries, eSkill’s Customer Service Representative assessment can be used to evaluate the performance potential of candidates for the following positions: customer support agent, customer care assistant, and service specialist.

  • The test covers: Computer Literacy, Customer Service Skills, Call Center Skills, Data Entry Proficiency, Written English Communication, and MS Office Software (Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Related modular and single-subject tests: Presentation Skills, Sales Concepts, and Retail Math.
  1. Call Center Operator Skills Test

This test measures job seekers’ ability to provide customer support by answering the queries of customers, facilitating and resolving customer complaints, explaining the company’s products and services, and maintaining a positive company image. This pre-employment assessment test can be used to measure the performance potential of candidates for call center representative, live chat operator, and communication center operator positions.

  • The test covers: attention to detail, call center skills, live chat, customer service, data checking, fill-in form typing, inbound call center simulation, multitasking, and MS Office software (Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint).
  • Related modular and single-subject tests: sales concepts, retail math, time management, and debt collection.
  1. Bookkeeper Skills Test

eSkill’s Bookkeeper skills test evaluates candidates’ ability to handle accounts receivable and accounts payable, perform bank reconciliations, complete sales tax returns, add entries, and generate monthly and as-needed financial reports. This pre-employment assessment can be used to measure the performance potential of candidates for the following positions: accountant, accounting clerk, and assistant bookkeeper.

  • The test covers: Accounting And Bookkeeping Principles, Quickbooks Proficiency, Customer Service Skills, Basic Arithmetic, and Attention To Detail.
  • Related modular and single-subject tests: Debt Collection, Financial Analysis, MS Office Software (Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint), Payroll, and Business Communication.
  1. Office Manager Skills Test

This test assesses candidates’ ability to lead the office team in providing exceptional customer service and to organize and coordinate office operations and procedures for effectiveness and efficiency. eSkill’s Office Manager skills test can be used to identify candidates with the skill sets necessary to succeed in the following positions: administrative manager, business office manager, and assistant manager.

  • The test covers: Management Skills, Accounting And Bookkeeping Principles, Customer Service Skills, Attention To Detail, and Computer Literacy.
  • Related modular and single-subject tests: Business Etiquette, Time Management, Project Management, Labor and Employment Law, Training Skills, and Workplace Safety.

This list is just a small sampling of the recent report that eSkill offers.

of pre-employment assessments in the human resources industry, including over 800 standard tests, more than 600 combinable, modular subjects and more than 5,0000 combinable sub-topics, eSkill makes testing candidates in a wide variety of professions and trades simple. 24/7 support is available to staffing firms and test-takers, and the user-friendly platform easily integrates with most applicant tracking systems.

All of eSkill’s assessments have been proven to be both reliable and valid, mitigating the risk of litigation. eSkill boasts a nearly 20-year Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance record, providing your staffing firm with a defensible, trusted pre-employment testing platform.

Ensure that your staffing firm is providing the best candidates possible to clients. Identify candidates for placement who have the skills and behavioral aptitude needed for the role. Place candidates more efficiently and effectively with eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing.

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