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More companies realize the value of investing in customer service. A 2017 American Express study found that 68% of consumers said that a friendly representative was critical to their recent positive customer service experiences, and 62% said that a representative’s knowledge or resourcefulness was essential. These statistics are not shocking, as human to human interactions are at the core of our existence.

The stakes are high for hiring managers choosing the right individuals for customer service positions. According to a recent study by New Voice Media, U.S. businesses lose more than $62 billion annually due to inferior customer service. Between lost revenue and the cost to hire a new employee, companies should prioritize identifying candidates who possess the necessary skills needed to thrive in a customer service role.

Thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, it is now possible to evaluate potential new hires’ with customer service simulation tests. eSkill offers a wide variety of customer service simulation assessments that assess candidates’ ability to handle real customer service situations. When companies choose to invest in software that enables informed hiring decisions, they end up recouping the cost and increasing profitability by avoiding the pitfalls of bad customer service.

Test Skills in Real-World Scenarios

The ability to fully understand problems and identify solutions is the foundation of excellent customer service. Warby Parker, an eyeglass retail chain and e-commerce site, has been praised for their emphasis on customer service. Fast Company named Warby Parker the Most Innovative Company of 2015. The company prioritizes customer service during both the hiring and training process.

In an interview with Fast Company, Neil Blumenthal, CEO of Warby Parker, said this of the company’s hiring practices:

We want to hire lifelong learners because technology is changing constantly… People who love fun, creativity, providing awesome customer experiences. That’s not something that is easily taught.”

The need for customer service staff that have sought after personality traits, problem-solving skills, and the aptitude for learning new technology is nothing new. However, being able to test these skill sets in real-world scenarios is a new digital innovation. eSkill now offers a catalog of customer service simulation assessments that evaluate candidates quantitatively on their ability to problem solve and perform tasks directly related to customer service positions. These customer service simulation tests include chat, call center, Excel, customer complaints, and email simulations. These simulations create real-world scenarios that require the test-taker to use problem-solving skills while testing their aptitude and emotional intelligence.

Not only is it essential to test candidates’ job-related skill sets, but it is equally, if not more important, to assess candidates’ aptitude. GPA, education, and interviews don’t correlate with whether or not an employee is successful on the job, according to research by Google, Using eSkill’s customer service simulation assessments, it is possible to score candidates’ ability to learn new technology and skills.

These simulations also provide insight into the soft skills needed to thrive in a customer service position. Since retaining customers is easier than finding new ones, assessing interpersonal skills is a crucial component to identifying candidates best suited for a customer service position. Excellent interpersonal communication, including professional email etiquette, friendliness, and empathy are necessary to excel in a customer-centric role. Therefore, assessing candidates’ emotional intelligence can mean the difference between a happy repeat customer and a customer lost.

Employee motivation is another trait that is important to measure during the hiring process. eSkill’s customer service simulation tests provide a quantitative measurement of this trait. Most managers find that motivating employees is quite difficult. The solution is recruiting candidates who have an intrinsic drive to succeed. The simulations enable companies to assess applicants’ level of motivation, preventing the acquisition of staff that is likely to fail in a customer service position.

Ensure Tests are Reliable and Valid

When administering skills assessments during the hiring process, it is necessary to ensure the tests do not violate the federal, state, or local Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws. In order to be compliant, pre-hire skills tests must be both reliable and valid. Test reliability and test validation must be proven before assessments are administered. eSkill’s library of over 5,000 assessments has been proven to be both reliable and valid. eSkill provides a defensible platform, with a nearly 20-year record of EEOC compliance. To date, eSkill has not faced any legal challenges due to the administration of pre-employment assessments.

Customer service simulation tests make the hiring process less subjective and less time-consuming. Utilizing eSkill’s wide variety of customer service simulation assessments allows businesses to streamline the hiring process and effectively recruit top customer service employees.

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