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With the average cost of a software development project ranging from $50,000 to $250,000, you need skilled software testers on your team. As you know, software testers play a vital role in the software development process. They are responsible for identifying potential bugs and ensuring that key product features work as designed.

What you may not know is which software tester required skills are most important to the success of your development project. Unfortunately, this can make identifying and hiring top software development professionals difficult.

The following list outlines software tester skills every development pro must possess. You can effectively test skills for software testers by using employment assessments.

Three Skills Software Testers Must Have

Three of the most important technical skills for software testers include:

AWS Cloud Computing: Businesses of all types and sizes are transitioning away from on-premises assets in favor of cloud-based assets. While there are many solutions on the market, Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular and robust.

There are over 1,000,000 active AWS users, many of which are small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, quite a few large organizations rely on AWS for their digital infrastructure.

Programming Languages: In addition to cloud computing skills, every software developer must be familiar with programming languages. Without a working knowledge of programming languages, software professionals cannot effectively participate in app development or testing.

Two of the most commonly used programming languages are C# and Java, so employers typically seek out developers fluent in these. However, many other programming languages are gaining traction within the software development space.

Software Testing: The third essential skill that every software developer must possess is software testing abilities. The best developers have a mastery of programming concepts, metrics, types of testing, and testing techniques. They will know when and how to deploy these methodologies to test software projects effectively and efficiently during the development process.

How to Measure Technical Skills for Software Testers

The most effective way to determine whether a candidate has the technical skills required for software testers is by using skills assessments. A skills assessment is an online pre-employment screening tool that includes various questions on the chosen topic. Skills tests can assess soft skills, such as Attention to Detail, or hard skills, such as knowledge of WordPress.

Many skills tests are available specifically for the software development and testing space, including assessments that measure a candidate’s knowledge of the abovementioned topics.

For instance, the Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Basics skills test covers several key AWS topics, such as AWS Identity and Access Management, Networking and Elasticity, Security, and Storage and Content Delivery. Another such skills test is C#, which includes questions on Conversions, Object-Oriented Concepts, and Exceptions.

Each skills test will contain approximately 40 questions of various types. Common question formats include multiple select, simple select, select-all-that-apply, and true/false. Once an applicant completes their assigned skills tests, HR personnel can view their results via an online testing dashboard. They can then use this data to make informed hiring decisions and zero in on the top candidates.

When selecting which skills tests to administer, your organization should focus on the assessments that best align with the responsibilities of the vacancy that you are attempting to fill. For example, if the chosen candidate will be responsible for software testing, then the Quality Assurance and Software Testing skills tests would provide the most valuable insights for the hiring team.

Benefits of Testing for Software Tester Required Skills

Your hiring team can efficiently eliminate unqualified individuals from the screening process by using skills assessments to verify that applicants have the skills required for software testers. They can then focus their energy on screening and recruiting the most skilled applicants. Ultimately, this will lead to faster and smarter hiring.

Over time, your staff will be able to complete projects more efficiently, stay on budget, meet tight deadlines, and create higher-quality digital products. Improving your hiring process will help your company’s bottom line and create a better work environment for your staff.

Bad hires can create tension in the workplace, which may cause productive employees to seek new opportunities elsewhere. Conversely, ensuring that candidates are a good fit for your organization before bringing them into the fold will protect staff morale and promote better workplace chemistry.

How eSkill Can Help You Screen for Must-Have Software Tester Skills

If you want to streamline how you evaluate technical skills for software testers, request a demo to learn how to use skills assessments to measure candidates’ software tester skills.

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