KEO ESkill How Team Scoring Job Skills Tests Improve Hiring

Hiring in today’s tight job market can be overwhelming. Many employers are struggling to fill open job positions. Often the candidates applying don’t even possess the needed skills. 75% of employers surveyed reported hiring difficulty due to a shortage of candidates with the skills required for job openings, according to the Society of Human Resources Management’s report: The Skills Gap 2019.

Hiring managers often are faced with screening dozens, if not hundreds of candidates for open positions, and when the number of candidates with the necessary skills is small, this process can become a waste of valuable resources. Fortunately, eSkill’s pre-employment testing platform modernizes employee screening resulting in an effective and efficient hiring process that produces objective insights into candidates’ potential performance.

Building a Comprehensive Pre-Employment Assessment with Team Scoring

Since 2003, eSkill has been an industry leader in pre-hire skills tests used to assess candidates for job-related skill sets, personality, emotional intelligence , and general knowledge. Now, eSkill is introducing team scoring, allowing recruiters to build a team of evaluators that can blindly review candidate responses to open-ended team interview questions, asynchronous video interviews, and recorded voice interviews.

Administrators begin this process by selecting a team of ‘in-house’ reviewers. Next, you’ll need to identify the criteria by which you would like to evaluate your candidates. Once position requirements are clearly defined, hiring teams can choose from hundreds of prewritten questions, in addition to inputting content of their own. Then, easily send these open-ended questions, along with relevant job skills tests to candidates.

For example, if you are seeking an office manager, you may request that candidates write a paragraph about how they establish processes and procedures for employees. Criteria for this exercise might include soft skills like professionalism and kindness. It may also include skills like organization and knowledge of a particular process. Each of your hiring team’s reviewers will then blindly evaluate responses from candidates based on the predetermined criteria and enter the score into eSkill’s user-friendly platform.

Open-ended team interview questions that require a written response, as opposed to video or voice, can be scored ‘blindly.’ This means that the team members assigned to evaluating the response are unaware of candidates’ age, gender, or race. Quite literally, it means the assessor cannot see the candidate. ‘Blind’ scoring eliminates the possibility of unconscious or conscious bias and facilitates the acquisition of objective data.

Once the scores of assessments are approved, the hiring team can use the results to make data-driven hiring decisions. An objective interview process, created to match the job-specific requirements of a position, is the key to getting complete and accurate results. Investing in high-quality, job-specific interview solutions will make hiring top employees fast and efficient.

The Resulting Efficiencies

Team scoring has been standardized by establishing predetermined criteria for each question that introduces objectivity into the hiring process that is not typically possible with in-person group interviews. By providing reliable, objective data, team scoring better predicts job performance and, ultimately, improves the quality of hire.

According to the iCIMS Class of 2018 Report, recruiters estimate they will pay entry-level employees more than $55,000 in 2019 and 2020. That’s an increase of more than $10,000 since 2018 alone. With all of that money at stake, team scoring combined with pre-hire skills tests can ensure the right candidate is awarded the job and you don’t lose your investment with a mis-hire.

In addition to the benefits that come with eSkill’s proven hiring and training platform to facilitate your hiring needs, eSkill team scoring is a collaborative experience that brings the opinions of your team to the forefront. Group interviewing, even in a virtual setting, leads to a discussion about the intricacies of hiring. Your hiring team will be challenged to form decisions based on more than just an initial opinion. Rather they will be forced to defend scoring decisions against the predetermined criteria. With eSkill’s easy-to-use platform, identifying inconsistencies in scoring among team members is easy to recognize and correct. This check results in valid and reliable scoring practices.

Whatever position you are looking to fill, eSkill’s vast library of pre-employment skills tests combined with team scoring will make the screening process efficient and effective. With a nearly 20-year record of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance, eSkill is recognized as an industry leader in legally defensible pre-hire assessments.

There is measurable value in leveraging eSkill’s team interview tips to create an objective assessment. Combining team interviews with eSkill’s job skills tests speeds the hiring process and objectively pinpoints candidates with the optimal skills and aptitude to thrive in a position, ultimately reducing turnover and increasing profitability. Streamline your company’s hiring processes with eSkill’s hiring tools today.

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