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If you are active in the talent acquisition space, you are well aware of the shift from traditional hiring practices to modern solutions. One modern solution—collaborative hiring—is quickly becoming common practice in top organizations. Touted by Steve Jobs as the best way to hire top talent, collaborative hiring has quickly transformed from an emerging trend to a tangible team-based hiring practice.

Another modern hiring method that is gaining traction amongst top companies is ‘blind’ hiring. Created to facilitate hiring a more inclusive and diverse workforce, blind hiring reduces bias by evaluating candidates based on objective data of skills, personality traits, and cognitive ability.

In the past few years, Google, Apple, IBM, and many other top companies have dropped the bachelor’s degree requirement from many of their positions. Instead, these companies have turned their focus to objectively evaluating candidates’ skills. And this practice is supported by research. Google found that GPA, education, and subjective interviews don’t correlate with whether or not an employee will be successful on the job.

Implementing collaborative hiring and ‘blind’ hiring practices does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. eSkill has streamlined the candidate assessment process with an integrated approach to skill assessments, team interviews, and ‘blind’ hiring services.

It’s Time to Disrupt The Traditional Interview Process

While the process for conducting interviews can vary greatly, virtual interviews—whether video, voice, or written—are transforming talent acquisition. Now, employers can take advantage of the increasing number of remote workers and reach more qualified talent worldwide, without the expense of travel.

An obstacle that deters many hiring teams from conducting team interviews is the time it takes. The more people that are involved in the process, the more schedules to coordinate, and the longer it takes to plan, schedule, conduct, and score candidates’ responses to team interview questions.

With eSkill’s online video, voice, or typed open-ended questions, the time group interviews traditionally take is no longer an issue. The candidates can complete the interview at a time that works well for them, and the team scoring the assessment can review the candidates’ video answers, voice recordings, or typed responses to questions when it fits into their schedule, saving both candidates and the hiring team time. Today, speeding the hiring process is essential, as the exceptionally low unemployment rate is making the race for talent difficult.

eSkill, an industry leader in pre-employment assessments, has taken the virtual interview process to the next level. Not only does eSkill’s user-friendly platform make online interviews easy to administer, but eSkill now offers a team scoring feature that enables a fair and accurate assessment of interviews.

An Even Playing Field

‘Blind’ hiring is growing in popularity because it allows for an objective assessment of candidates’ skills, rather than relying on a ‘good feeling.’ The strategic use of data in human resources has become more and more common amongst top-performing companies. This is not surprising as pre-employment skills tests are increasingly seen as reliable indicators of future performance.

eSkill’s platform allows an HR administrator to assign the scoring of individual interview questions to those most capable of scoring them accurately, rather than have every employee on the interview team score every question. For instance, if you’re hiring an lT support specialist, only assign the scoring of technical questions to other members of the IT team.

As the assigned team members score candidates’ responses from the online team interview, they are able to do so independently. This results in thoughtful and honest scoring, rather than spontaneously and, worse, influenced decisions due to a strong reaction from another voice at the table.

eSkill is a leader in modern talent acquisition solutions. With eSkill your hiring team can quickly and easily implement a streamlined, collaborative hiring approach with the option for an unbiased assessment of group interview questions.

A Better, Streamlined Process for Team Interviews

Here’s the process at-a-glance.

  1. HR professionals and future team members use data from current and past employees and conduct a thorough job analysis to develop relevant group interview questions. With clearly defined position requirements, it is possible to create thoughtful team interview questions that better assess skills, readiness, and provide insight into how candidates may fit into your company culture. Hiring teams can develop unique questions or can use pre-written questions from eSkill.
  2. The hiring team creates predefined criteria for scoring interview questions. Each scoring rubric consists of a set of scoring criteria with assigned point values.
  3. Team members are assigned the duty of scoring individual questions. Rather than wade through an entire assessment, team members score only questions specific to their role or skill set.
  4. Candidates receive the assessment and complete it on their own. Candidates are able to access and complete the interview anywhere, and at any time they wish.
  5. Team members are notified and score questions they’ve been assigned. Team members individually score the interview questions they have been assigned based on the defined criteria. More than one team member can be assigned to each question. The scores will then be averaged.
  6. The HR administrator approves the scores. This enables HR to identify any discrepancies in the scoring process and the ability to address them before making the scores final.
  7. HR and other vested members make decisions based on the scores. The hiring team is able to review scores and make objective, data-driven hiring decisions.

At a time with an incredibly limited supply of candidates available for hire, it is increasingly important to evaluate potential hires based on required skills and abilities, rather than limiting the candidate pool with subjective interviews, degree requirements, and work history. By implementing a collaborative and objective approach for evaluating candidates, your team will be able to make informed hiring decisions.

Heed the words of Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” 

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