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Turnover is dangerously high in sales roles throughout the retail industry, costing U.S. companies millions per year. Retail sales managers can either make or break their team. When it comes to employees either staying at or leaving their jobs, their manager is often the deciding factor. One Gallup poll showed that one out of every two employees left an organization at some point to escape their boss.

It is necessary for retail sales managers to wear many hats to succeed. They need to have strong interpersonal skills to train, instruct, and motivate their sales team effectively. Managers must also excel in critical thinking and be data-driven to optimize sales for their organization.

At a time when it is increasingly challenging to retain human capital, investing in the hiring process is critical, especially when it comes to management positions. Hiring the wrong sales manager can cripple a sales team and lead to a high turnover rate, creating a costly impact. Thoroughly evaluating managerial talent is vital, but can be time-consuming.

Improve your organizations hiring process by utilizing eSkill’s pre-employment sales manager assessment tests. These tests allow you to quickly and easily assess the skills and abilities required for new hires to succeed in the retail sales manager role while significantly reducing turnover and increasing overall profitability.

Managers are Critical Thinkers

Retail sales managers are responsible for meeting store sales quotas, motivating and guiding their team, keeping an eye on financials, and staying up-to-date with trends in the retail industry. Given the scope of responsibilities, candidates must be critical thinkers capable of developing and implementing strategies to optimize their team’s results. eSkill’s sales manager assessment tests aide you in successfully evaluating candidates’ level of analytical reasoning before you make a hiring decision, resulting in hires who are confident in proposing innovative solutions and turning broad goals into actionable objectives.

Managers are Data Driven

To excel in a retail sales manager position, it is imperative that potential candidates can combine multiple sources of information, metrics, and data to make quick, accurate decisions. These days, decisions based on gut instinct or past practices are no longer enough for businesses to stay competitive. Technology is now the foundation of the retail industry’s landscape, and using the data it generates to increase employee productivity and optimize business strategy is imperative.

Determining candidates’ ability to utilize technology to compile, organize, and examine vast amounts of data is not possible by merely reviewing their resume or asking questions in an interview. Today, the top companies around the world use pre-employment sales manager assessments to judge a potential hires’ ability to make strategic data-driven decisions. eSkill offers a variety of customizable sales manager assessment tests that validly and reliably measure candidates’ ability to use data to make forward-thinking decisions. Assessing these hard skills enables organizations to shorten the recruiting process and ultimately hire and retain more qualified employees.

Managers Possess Strong Interpersonal Skills

Retail sales managers are responsible for the performance of each salesperson on their team, requiring potential hires to exhibit altruistic behavior and strong interpersonal skills. In other words, sales managers must be able to deliver constructive criticism and take joy in others succeeding for the entire sales team to thrive. The candidates must be able to effectively deal with poor performance in a way that focuses on the behavior, not on the person. Emotionally intelligent retail sales managers are fully aware of their words, actions, and reactions when working with employees. It is essential that they leverage this awareness to inspire team members to contribute towards the success of the business.

Measuring candidates’ emotional intelligence and their ability to leverage it is possible with eSkill’s sales manager assessments. These assessments thoroughly examine potential hires’ personality traits and provide a deeper understanding of their pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Utilizing pre-employment assessments makes vetting a simple process, significantly reducing the amount of time needed during the hiring process and increasing the overall retention rate of valuable human capital.

It is clear, a combination of hard and soft skills are necessary for retail sales managers to succeed, and assessing these skills during the hiring process is critical to optimize recruiting. eSkill’s customizable pre-employment assessments are a reliable and valid method of assessing the required skills and aptitude of potential new hires. With a nearly 20-year history of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliance, eSkill provides a defensible testing platform. Improve the success of your hiring process by using pre-employment sales manager tests to reduce the time to fill positions and increase the overall retention rate of employees.

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