ESkill The Most Important Skills To Test When Hiring Warehouse Retail Workers

Online shopping was in a growth spurt, but the COVID-19 crisis put it on steroids. Retail, warehouse, distribution, and logistics companies are currently experiencing a pandemic-driven surge in business that shows no signs of slowing down. As business leaders shift operating models to meet the new demands of online shopping and distribution, hiring talent with the right skills is vital to remaining competitive.

Website & Application Development Skills

As brick-and-mortar stores become less relevant, online stores are increasingly integral to retailers’ success. However, finding IT employees with the skills and experience to build e-commerce sites can be tricky. That is why leading retailers turn to eSkill’s pre-employment testing platform. With eSkill’s broad selection of IT skills tests, verifying candidates’ skill sets and proficiency levels is fast and effective. Whether an organization is looking for individuals with cybersecurity skills to ward of breaches of consumer data or expert web developers capable of creating online shopping platforms that drive sales, eSkill has job and skill-specific tests that accurately identify top talent.

eSkill’s employment assessment tests for e-commerce web and app development include:

  • Application Security Engineer Skills Test
  • Information System Security Engineer Skills Test
  • User Interface Engineer Skills Test
  • Web Developer Skills Test
  • Web Designer Skills Test
  • Software Quality Assurance Analyst Skills Test

eSkill also offers dozens of skill-specific web and app development tests and simulations, including Android, C#, ColdFusion, Drupal, Flex, IBM FileNet, Java, Joomla, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Ruby on Rails, Salesforce, .NET, SharePoint, WordPress, and iOS.

On eSkill’s user-friendly skills testing platform, human resources (HR) professionals can easily combine or customize skills tests to configure job-relevant employment assessment tests.

Digital Marketing Skills

With the right digital marketing campaign, retailers can grow their brand, drive online traffic, and increase e-commerce sales. To do so, retail companies need employees who can oversee comprehensive and robust digital marketing campaigns. Leading online retailers use eSkill’s Online Marketing Specialist Skills Test and E-Commerce Consultant Skills Test to identify candidates who are capable of expertly directing e-commerce marketing campaigns.

eSkill also has an extensive library of job-specific tests that help hiring managers identify individuals with digital marketing expertise, including:

  • SEO Specialist Skills Test
  • Social Media Specialist Skills Test
  • Email Marketing Campaign Specialist Skills Test
  • Salesforce Administrator Skills Test
  • Graphic Designer Skills Test

On eSkill’s user-friendly platform, HR professionals can combine questions from eSkill’s single-subject marketing skills tests with questions from job-specific tests to create comprehensive assessments that measure specific skill sets in-depth. eSkill’s Adobe Photoshop Skills Test, Web Analytics Skills Test, and Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals Skills Test are just a few of the single-subject marketing skills tests that eSkill offers.

Virtual Customer Service Skills

Although more consumers are shopping online, businesses still need retail associates. So, hiring customer service representatives with the digital literacy skills to succeed in virtual positions is essential. eSkill’s collection of virtual customer service skills tests and job simulations includes:

  • Live Chat Operator Skills Test & Simulation
  • Call Center Operator Skills Test & Simulation
  • Timed Customer Service Typing & Data Entry Tests
  • Videoconference Communication Skills Test
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Skills Test

Warehousing, Distribution, Logistics Skills

Issues and growing challenges in distribution and logistics were on e-commerce business leaders’ radars before the onset of the global health crisis. The pandemic-driven spike in online purchases simply made them a bigger priority because the unforeseen tidal wave of online-ordered goods coupled with emerging virus-related safety protocols revealed new issues and exacerbated existing inefficiencies in warehouses and distribution operations.

Hiring skilled warehouse workers is integral to the success of online retailers. From receiving to picking, packing, and shipping, eSkill’s Warehouse Worker Skills Test, Pick and Pack Skills Test, and Forklift Operator Skills Test identify candidates capable of keeping warehouse operations working efficiently. eSkill also offers skills tests for senior-level positions in the warehouse industry. For example, eSkill’s Warehouse Supervisor Skills Test evaluates candidates’ ability to improve warehouse operations by overseeing shipping, receiving, storing, inventory control, personnel training, and workplace safety protocols.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we need to build resilient supply chain models that are capable of accommodating sudden surges in online shopping. Job-specific distribution and logistics skills tests that identify talented individuals who are capable of successfully navigating the recent surge in e-commerce include:

  • Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Manager Skills Test
  • Delivery Driver Skills Test
  • Supply Chain Management Skills Test
  • Logistics Specialist Skills Test
  • Safety Coordinator Skills Test

With dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers available to provide unlimited training and guidance to HR teams, eSkill delivers a superior user experience. In addition, eSkill leads the skills testing industry in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission‘s guidelines. eSkill has a nearly 20-year record of legal compliance entirely free of litigation.

As e-commerce sales reach historic levels amid the pandemic, business leaders in retail, warehousing, and distribution operations need to up their game to survive the intense shift in demand. eSkill’s intuitive pre-employment testing platform gives HR professionals powerful tech-driven tools to rapidly hire highly skilled talent in a wide range of positions.

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