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In an industry dependent on delivering flawless customer service, you know your people can be your brand’s most valuable asset. But providing outstanding customer service is difficult today. You face obstacles because of the incredible talent shortage facing the hospitality industry.

Utilizing skills tests, hiring managers can identify talent with the personality traits and skills needed for hospitality management, whether that talent comes from within their organization or is found externally.

Employers fail to choose the applicant with the right talent for management positions 82% of the time, according to Gallop’s research. That means businesses hire qualified managers fewer than two out of 10 times. If your managers are inadequate, then the employees working beneath them will be ineffective. Yet many companies don’t do enough to assess the skills needed for hospitality management.

With eSkill’s assessments, it is possible to test hospitality skills and attributes accurately and completely. Armed with the objective data gained from eSkill’s proven assessments, hiring teams are able to predict the potential of candidates’ success in a management position.

The Modern Management Deficit

Research conducted by Gallup has found that only 10% of the population possesses the talent to manage. That is a troubling story considering unemployment is currently sitting at historic lows. And the lack of talented management candidates available is hurting the bottom line.

The consequences ‘bad management’ can have on employee retention cannot be ignored. According to a recent report, 40% of employees who did not rate their supervisor’s performance highly interviewed for a new job in the previous three months, compared to just 10% of those who did rate their supervisor highly. Another recent study found that 77% of employees with managers they rated as ‘bad’ hoped to leave their company soon, whereas only 18% of employees who rated their managers as ‘great’ planned to leave soon.

While surveying employees about their intentions to find new employment and their opinion of their manager is pretty straight forward, measuring the impact ‘bad’ management has on other aspects of a business is not as easily quantified. However, productivity, employee morale, and profitability all suffer from subpar management as well.

So, how do you find and train quality hospitality managers? The answer: leveraging skills tests to make better-informed hiring and training decisions.

Identify the Ten Percent

With only one in ten people equipped with the skills to work as a manager, hiring decisions can feel like a roll of the dice. That is why making data-driven decisions is crucial.

eSkill’s customizable skills tests automate the process of identifying individuals well suited for hospitality management positions. Easily combine and edit relevant skills tests from eSkill’s library of assessments and simulations to create the ideal assessment for any hospitality management position.

Examples of eSkill’s Combinable Skills Tests for Hospitality Management:

  • Job-Specific Skills Tests: Hospitality Management, Workplace Safety, Property Management, Room Service Management, Event Planning, Marketing Concepts, Customer Service, Training, and Leadership.
  • Analytical Skills Tests: Data Analysis, Project Management, and Change Management.
  • Digital Literacy Skills Tests: Microsoft Excel, Basic Computer Operations, and Email.

By combining the skills tests that are relevant to the position you are filling, your hiring team will be able to create a comprehensive assessment for identifying individuals with the hospitality skills and attributes needed for management. eSkill provides employers with a dedicated testing expert to ensure that the test created is both a reliable and valid indicator of future success on the job.

With eSkill’s user-friendly platform, it is easy to send the assessments to candidates and to evaluate the results with your hiring team.

Effectively Train and Retain New Managers

No matter how qualified the individual may be, moving into a management position is never easy. Most newly-promoted managers lack critical competencies. They don’t have experience managing others. They haven’t recruited, coached, energized, and retained a team of employees. They don’t know how to create a business plan or navigate the internal organization to get needed resources. Without proper training, new managers are forced to improvise, and competency mastery is inconsistent.

eSkill’s assessments can be used to inform the customization of training programs and can also be used periodically to evaluate the effectiveness of that training. Targeted training that meets the needs of the new manager is essential for optimal results. After a successful onboarding, periodic skill assessments and ongoing development helps managers refresh skills, address competency gaps, and keep up with the ever-changing business landscape.

Your hiring team can improve your bottom line by easing the most significant challenge employers face—finding managers with the right skill set to succeed.

Leverage eSkill’s hospitality assessments to identify candidates that will make the best hires, quickly and effectively.

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P.S. eSkill’s assessments can also be used to identify the skills needed to be a restaurant owner.

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