ESkill How Sitel Uses Skils Tests To Hire Remote Salespeople

You spend a lot of time and money attracting, recruiting, and training employees. You invest a lot in their success. If someone you hire does not work out, all that effort is lost.

Skills testing can help companies assess a job candidate’s skills as a predictor of success to help avoid making hiring mistakes. That is why Sitel turned to the experts at eSkill when they were looking to find people who had the necessary skills to excel at selling insurance.

By using prehire skills tests, Sitel has reduced costs associated with training remote individuals who are unlikely to pass the post-training exam.

Here is the challenge Sitel faced, how they used eSkill to find a solution, and the results.

The Business Challenge

Sitel Group is in the business of providing customer care to enhance the customer experience. Sitel combines digital, training, and technology expertise to build brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. Providing outsourced sales, technical support, customer service, and other business processes for large companies, Sitel has more than 75,000 employees and works in 27 countries worldwide.

When it comes to selling insurance, individuals must obtain a license. Sitel wanted to make sure the people they hired had the highest potential to make it through training and get a license before investing in the onboarding, training, and testing — especially when hiring employees remotely.

The Solution

Working with eSkill, Sitel chose to have candidates complete prehire skills tests to measure reasoning ability and to assess individuals for the potential to complete licensing requirements.

Reasoning Ability Skills Test
This set of Skills Tests measure a candidate’s ability to analyze information and find solutions. The General Reasoning Ability Assessment includes 30 assessment items testing comprehension and problem-solving using words, numbers, tables, and visual figures.

Each individual is asked to consider scenarios and provide solutions. Candidates are assessed in:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Visual logic
  • Deductive ability
  • Logical thinking
  • Visual reasoning
  • Data interpretation

Wave 40

Wave 40 is an assessment used to qualify individuals for a license to sell insurance. Sitel wanted to see if there was a correlation between scores on the General Reasoning Ability Skills Test and performance on the Wave 40.

As a test, Sitel had 38 employees complete both assessments.

The Results

The results demonstrated a predictive relationship between scores on the two tests.

When people scored well on the reasoning ability skills tests, they also did well on the post-training test. When they scored poorly on the reasoning ability skills tests, they scored poorly on the follow-up test. Those scoring the lowest on the first skills test were unable to pass the post-training test.

Sitel found that candidates who score 80% or above on the reasoning skills test passed their post-training tests on the first attempt. Candidates who score between 60% and 79% took two tries to successfully pass the test. Those scoring less than 60% were unable to pass the post-training test even after three attempts.

By using prehire skills tests, Sitel is now able to better predict which job candidates are most likely to be able to obtain an insurance license. This saves time and money while ensuring Sitel hires only the best candidates.

Moving Forward

eSkill offers 800 prebuilt assessments and 5,000 skills test modules. Any test can be easily customized to fit any job-related requirement. Skills tests for Sitel were designed using specifications unique to the company’s process to build a better prediction model.

Based on the results of the test, Sitel has adopted prehire Skills Tests to screen applicants in their insurance sector. Using Skills Testing from eSkill, Sitel has more confidence that they can predict a candidate’s success before investing in hiring and training.

Using Skills Testing from eSkill, Sitel now:

  • Screens applicants with a tool predicting their success in training
  • Has designed a test using specifications that are unique to its process
  • Provides a positive testing experience for candidates
  • Interacts with a user-friendly dashboard that provides real-time results
  • Has reduced costs associated with training those who are unlikely to pass the post-training

Fortune 500 Companies Use Prehire Skills Tests

Today, nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using prehire skills tests as part of their recruiting strategy.

Skills test not only help you assess candidates, but can also help you identify deficiencies that can be overcome by training. Using a consistent pre-hire skills test and ongoing skills testing and training regimen, companies can improve their hiring and employee development programs.

Skills testing gives employers an objective, data-driven assessment to identify early candidates and employees with the greatest likelihood of success.

Request a demo to see how using prehire skills tests and employee skills testing can help your business.

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