Eskill How To Shift Your Employment Testing Strategies In 2021

In the U.S., there are nearly two unemployed people for every available job. And some economists are forecasting that job recovery will likely take up to two years. The result: a talent supply that will continue to exceed demand through 2023 at the earliest.

Simultaneously, many human resources (HR) teams are running leaner and looking for new ways to manage both external and in-house talent without sacrificing the quality. With the number of applications at what feels like an all-time high and business disruption leading to the necessary redeployment of existing workers, HR professionals and recruiters need to implement tech-driven processes for quickly verifying candidates’ and employees’ skills.

As we move further into 2021, HR leaders must shift employment testing strategies to reflect their organization’s new reality.

Reestablish Position Requirements

During the COVID-19 crisis, organizations did not have time to rewrite job descriptions or meticulously list skills requirements. They had to make real-time decisions to redeploy workers to departments and positions with the highest need. As the pandemic’s initial disruptions begin to fade into the rearview mirror, HR professionals must apply the lessons learned from this chaotic time.

Today’s accelerated digital transformation, along with rapidly, and sometimes frequently evolving business models, have proven that organizations need the bandwidth to redeploy and rebuild their workforce at a moment’s notice. The haphazard talent management decisions that the pandemic-driven upheaval necessitated is not a sustainable or profitable approach to operating a business.

Now, HR professionals and recruiters must take the time to map the skills requirements of positions within their organization. Doing so prepares organizations to handle further workforce disruption competently. HR professionals can use the position requirements to create benchmarks for evaluating existing employees, identify internal skills gaps, and develop targeted skills-based hiring processes. Taking the time now to reestablish the needed skills and abilities for positions will lay the groundwork for a future-proof talent management strategy.

Prepare to Redeploy Your Existing Workforce

The pandemic-driven changes in business demands and operations taught us that our workforces are more adaptable than we previously thought. As we learned in 2020, employees can survive the twists and turns of a rapidly evolving set of responsibilities and priorities.

Rightfully so, many business leaders have reservations about redeploying staff or setting new work priorities. But with the help of employment tests, organizations can identify, quantify, and track workers’ skills so that business leaders can make informed, calculated, and data-driven talent management decisions.

Rethink internal mobility and plan for future disruption. eSkill’s Employment Testing Platform gives organizations the tools and framework to assess and map their workforces’ skillsets efficiently. When HR professionals perform a regular audit of their workforces’ skills, they can redeploy staff rapidly and successfully when needed.

Implement Targeted Employment Testing

Beyond evaluating your existing workers’ skills, eSkill’s Employment Testing Platform enables hiring teams to accurately and efficiently assess candidates’ job-relevant skills and aptitude. With a user-friendly Employer Dashboard, eSkill makes it easy for HR professionals and recruiters to select and customize employment tests that align with any position’s specific requirements.

eSkill’s Employment Testing Platform features:

  • Nearly 1,000 customizable job- and skill-specific tests
  • Thousands of combinable, modular subjects
  • Job simulation tests
  • Detailed score reports by candidate, test, or across tests
  • Question customization — remove or add questions to tests
  • Open-ended questions — create or select open-ended questions to add to tests
  • Voice and video questions — create voice or video questions to combine with tests
  • Advanced customization options — set question and test time limits and add custom instructions

With the most extensive library of employment tests in the HR industry and detailed score reports, eSkill provides employers with a data-driven and streamlined process for identifying skilled workers. eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers are available to help organizations select Skills Tests that will verify test-takers’ skill sets quickly and accurately.

Introduce a Well-Integrated Employment Testing Platform

eSkill’s innovative suite of employment testing solutions easily integrates with your existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) so HR professionals and recruiters can access candidate and employee information from one application. With well-integrated talent management tools, HR professionals can prepare for future disruption and make the most of their workforce now.

Leverage Advanced Automation

eSkill’s employment testing platform is driven by advanced automation, including:

  • Automated communications with test-takers
  • Auto-ranking and shortlisting capabilities
  • Instant production of detailed score reports
  • Automated workflows for hiring teams

In addition to employment tests, eSkill offers an on-demand video interviewing solution that uses advanced automation to streamline the interviewing process. eSkill’s on-demand video interviews do not require a member of the hiring team to be present. Instead, candidates self-record responses to a set of predetermined questions. The hiring team then views, scores, and shares the results of interviews anytime and from anywhere.

With eSkill’s innovative employment testing solutions, organizations can shift to an agile and sustainable approach to talent management.

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