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Skills testing can give human resources (HR) teams, recruiters, and hiring managers a competitive advantage.

Using a skills assessment test with candidates provides an objective review of a candidate’s skills that is more accurate than anything listed on a resume. Not only can skills testing determine whether a candidate has the needed job skills, but a skills test can also help determine whether someone has the right personality to fit with company culture.

Determining the right skills test for the best candidate Job Fit, or right fit for the position, depends on the specific position a company is trying to fill. Typically, organizations will use a combination of skills tests for cognitive skills, job-specific skills, and behavioral skills.

Skills Tests for Cognitive Skills

Employers want workers who can think and make good decisions. While the type of analysis and decision-making will vary depending on the job and role, cognitive tests are a good way to assess candidates.

At eSkill, several types of cognitive skills tests can provide insight into a candidate’s abilities, including:

  • General Reasoning Skills Tests: Evaluates candidates on a wide range of analytic skills.
  • Verbal Reasoning Skills Tests: Evaluates the ability to understand and comprehend what candidates read or hear.
  • Numerical Reasoning Skills Test: Measures analytical skills using logic, analysis, or math.
  • Spatial Reasoning Skills Test: Measures the ability to visualize designs and structures.

Candidates scoring high on cognitive tests are more likely to complete training successfully, absorb new information on the job, and adapt more quickly in fast-paced environments. Those scoring well on tests will also be better suited for workplaces that are experiencing constant change.

Using cognitive skills assessment test, employers will learn how candidates can:

  • Process and remember information
  • Make decisions and solve problems
  • Demonstrate verbal and/or math skills
  • Learn new skills on the job
  • React to change

These skills will always be in demand in the workplace, but they are especially important if organizations are hiring remote workers.

Job-Specific Skills Tests

Companies can also use a skills assessment test to evaluate the hard skills candidates will need to perform successfully.

eSkill has a library of ready-made, subject-based, and job-based Skills Tests for nearly every occupation across 800 subjects and 5,000 topics. Companies can quickly create a customized Skills Assessment Test by choosing among modules or create their own online.

Here is a sampling of some of the Job-Specific Skills Tests that are available at eSkill:

  • Accounting and Financial
  • Application & Web Development
  • Call Center
  • Database & Business Intelligence
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Education
  • Engineering, Industrial & Design
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Hardware & Networking
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resource
  • Legal, Safety & Administration
  • Management
  • Retail
  • Sales & Marketing

Within each category, there is a variety of specific tests available depending on job requirements. For example, in the marketing category, companies can use a Skills Assessment Test to determine proficiency in marketing concepts, sales concepts, search engine marketing, social media marketing, web search, Salesforce CRM, and MS Dynamics.

Companies can also choose to evaluate candidates based on the skill level required for the job. Whether a job demands basic, intermediate, or advanced skills, companies can design a Skills Assessment Test for every level.

Behavioral Skills Testing

Just because someone has the right skills set for the job does not mean they will be the right fit for an organization. Companies should also consider using Behavioral Skills Testing as part of their pre-employment assessment. Behavioral assessments help predict how candidates will perform once they are hired.

A Behavioral Skills Test can help determine cultural fit within an organization, including:

  • How candidates communicate
  • How candidates work
  • What motivates candidates
  • A candidate’s personality in the workplace

Behavioral skills testing can help identify the candidates who have the intellectual abilities, characteristics, and skills to fit in with company culture.

Create a Customized Skills Test

Companies using eSkill can easily design a customized Skills Test for any position. eSkill Author allows robust customization options, such as:

  • Combinations: Multiple tests can be combined from the subject-based, job-based, and modular subject tests to create a comprehensive skills assessment test.
  • Customized Questions: Any question within the test can be removed or edited to match job and company requirements. Questions can also be added easily.
  • Score Progression: Candidates can be redirected or progressed based on test scores or answers.

Companies can choose to use text, voice, or video for questions and answers. Candidates can experience real-life simulations to evaluate performance. Questions can be timed. The options are nearly endless. eSkill makes it easy to create any kind of Skills Assessment Test companies want.

Request a demo to learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s online Skills Tests to hire the best employees for your organization.

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