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Regardless of which industry you are in, the last two years have undoubtedly had a profound impact on how you hire and retain employees. Between The Great Resignation and the ongoing global talent shortage, it has become quite challenging to fill vacancies with qualified candidates.

The stark realities of the modern talent ecosystem have prompted many businesses to reevaluate how they screen and hire employees. Specifically, an increasingly large number of organizations have begun to incorporate employment assessment tools into their hiring processes.

If you are looking for a way to regain your edge in searching for qualified employees, pre-employment assessment tools may offer the ideal solution. Find out why below.

What Is a Pre-Employment Assessment Tool?

Before we delve into how employment screening tools lead to better hires, let’s recap what these assessments are designed for in the first place. In the general sense, the term pre-employment assessment tool refers to any tool, test, or other mechanism that HR teams can use to evaluate prospective employees.

The most commonly used assessment tool is known as a skills test. While skills tests have been in existence for decades, they have been adopted on a broad scale only recently.

Modern skills tests typically include questions in multiple formats and are administered online. HR staff can send a link to a skills test via email. The candidate can use this link to access and complete their assigned assessment.

Once the assessment is submitted, HR staff can immediately review the applicant’s results. Since everything is completed electronically, skills tests eliminate the need for purchasing booklets, answer sheets, and other common testing materials.

While skills tests remain the most popular screening tool, behavioral assessments are becoming increasingly common. Whereas skills tests measure a candidate’s acquired abilities, a behavioral assessment provides insights into core personality traits.

On their own, either of these assessment tools can help you hire better. However, they are most effective when utilized together so that you gain more complete insights into a candidate’s skills, abilities, and traits.

Why Should You Use Employment Assessment Tools?

Employment assessment tools can substantially improve your hiring process. Your HR staff can efficiently identify top applicants while eliminating underqualified individuals from contention for vacant positions by incorporating these assessments into candidate screening procedures.

This approach will reduce the number of resume reviews and interviews your HR team must perform, further expediting the hiring process.

In addition, employment assessments will ultimately reduce the risk of mis-hires. Over time, this will translate into lower turnover, better staff morale, and diminished hiring costs. Reducing your chances of hiring the wrong candidate will also positively impact workplace culture, brand image, and the consumer experience.

Another major benefit of using employment assessment tools such as skills tests is that these practices can help insulate your organization from civil liability. Entities like the National Labor Relations Board are responsible for investigating unfair labor and hiring practices complaints.

If these complaints are substantiated by an applicable governing body or court of law, then your company may be subject to substantial civil penalties.

Skills assessments reduce your liability by providing data-driven insights into each applicant. Your HR team can retain records of each applicant’s performance so that they can justify hiring decisions and demonstrate that those decisions were based on quantifiable data.

These assessments also lead to more equitable hiring practices as they help control and eliminate subconscious bias during the screening process.

How to Effectively Implement Pre-Employment Assessment Tools

As you can see, there are significant advantages to using pre-employment assessment tools. But how exactly do you implement these tools into your hiring practices? Generally, you have two options.

The first approach involves creating and maintaining a unique suite of testing resources. While in-house assessments will be tailored specifically for your organization, crafting these tools is both time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. In light of this fact, many businesses elect to partner with a proven skills testing provider like eSkill.

eSkill has an extensive library of online skills assessments. Our platform has general abilities and aptitude skills tests such as Attention to Detail, Email Etiquette, and Numerical Proofreading.

In addition to these broader assessments, we have many industry-specific skills tests available. The industries we serve include education, accounting, healthcare, human resources, hospitality, retail, sales, engineering, and web development.

Our testing solutions are effective, economical, and efficient.

Employment Assessment Tools from eSkill

As the preeminent provider of online employment assessment tools, eSkill is the ideal partner to provide your organization with access to top-quality skills tests and behavioral assessments.

Request a demo to see how eSkill’s pre-employment assessment tools help you improve hiring outcomes.

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