ESkill Post Coronavirus What Is Your Volume Hiring Recruitment Strategy

Most organizations have experienced some level of unpredictability and volatility due to the coronavirus pandemic. When employers decide to ramp up hiring post coronavirus, they must carefully consider the implications of the technological tools they use. As they shift from response to recovery, they need to implement effective talent acquisition strategies and learn how to hire employees fast to respond rapidly to evolving business needs. The key to establishing strategic volume hiring in recruitment lies in selecting tech-enabled tools that will streamline their hiring process.

While the rapid evolution of technology can seem overwhelming at times, HR professionals greatly benefit from tech innovations like online employment tests. eSkill’s employment testing platform helps hiring teams implement volume hiring in recruitment strategies so they can focus on business-critical tasks.

Verify Candidates Skills Quickly

eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform enables employers to combine different tests into one online experience, which provides HR professionals with a comprehensive view of all candidates. Scoring is automated, and eSkill’s platform integrates easily with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) to ensure hiring teams and stakeholders have the most up-to-date information on candidates at all stages of the hiring process.

When employers leverage skills tests, they save time while reducing the pool of candidates to a shortlist of qualified talent. A recent survey conducted by Indeed found that 78% of recruiters who use skills tests agree that they are effective at quickly verifying applicants’ skills and capabilities. Furthermore, the survey showed that pre-employment skills tests reduce time-to-hire by an average of 27%.

Identifying applicants’ proficiency levels in a wide range of skills is easy because eSkill’s automated skills tests are driven by predictive analytics. eSkill’s comprehensive library includes a wide range of levels of expertise across industries to screen candidates’ aptitude, cognitive abilities, and technical skills related to thousands of positions. Talent professionals can select and customize any of eSkill’s expertly-designed skills tests including, customer service, information technology (IT), sales, call center, healthcare, hospitality, and more. All clients are assigned a dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Manager who can assist in selecting and configuring job-relevant skills tests.

Automate the Initial Interview

eSkill’s one-way, or on-demand, digital video interviewing technology enables HR professionals to conduct initial interviews more efficiently than ever before. Given that 82% of recruiters report conducting at least three interviews before a job offer is extended, streamlining the interview process is critical to volume hiring in recruitment. One-way video interviewing expedites the recruitment process and requires minimal manual resources.

With one-way video interviews, employers record questions that candidates then record responses to at their convenience. Hiring teams can then view, score, and share the results any time and from anywhere. This means hiring teams can shift their focus from scheduling and completing initial screening interviews and focus on more meaningful engagement with top candidates.

As employers begin to ramp up hiring post coronavirus, they should leverage one-way video interviews to accelerate the hiring process, improve recruiter efficiency, and actively engage job-seekers with a convenient, flexible interaction.

Legally Defensible

eSkill makes it easy to create reliable and valid employment tests that are legally defensible. When selecting employment skills tests, it is important to remember that there is no “one-size-fits-all” assessment because every job requires employees to have a unique set of competencies. eSkill’s comprehensive library offers job- and subject-based skills tests, behavioral assessments, and simulations that clients can use “as-is” or customize to meet their specific needs.

eSkill’s assessments adhere to the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures of 1978, which outline standards the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) upholds to determine the legality of tests used to evaluate candidates during the hiring process. eSkill has a nearly 20-year record of developing and administering legally defensible employment tests.

One hurdle that HR professionals and recruiters face when turning to automated hiring processes is that many tech solutions do not integrate with their existing systems. This means talent professionals are forced to toggle between platforms, which leads to inefficiencies. eSkill’s user-friendly platform integrates with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS), which enables seamless integration that links recruitment workflows with onboarding processes.

eSkill’s intuitive platform practically eliminates integration conflicts by perfectly merging with applicant tracking systems allowing hiring teams to monitor candidates from application to the final decision. HR professionals can use eSkill’s user-friendly dashboard to easily access candidates’ information, send bulk invites for skills tests and video interviews, send automated responses to applicants, track and rank candidates’ scores, and assign in-house experts to score pre-recorded video interviews.

Since it is imperative to streamline talent acquisition, HR professionals must adopt automated technology that allows them to hire more talented people faster and at scale. eSkill’s customizable skills tests and video interviewing software provides HR professionals with a cost-effective screening solution that offers maximum insight into the hiring process.

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