4 Ways HR Technology and Testing Tools Help HR & Recruiters Hire Better

In the 1990s, technology brought recruiter-centric automation to the sourcing and recruitment world. This new technology gave recruiters the power to parse resumes based on a full set of criteria, including keywords and semantics. It eliminated the need to spend hours upon hours sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes trying to find the […]

5 Steps to Identify an Organizational Skills Gap, and Where to Begin

As the workplace evolves, employees are being charged with learning new skills, developing old skills, and learning to be proficient in all areas across the board. Workplace efficiency could mean combining two jobs into one, even if a current employee lacks a certain skill, or expanding the job role of one individual to prevent a […]

The Importance of Job Simulation in Hiring Quality Candidates

Industries like call centers, transportation, finance, and banking can benefit from job simulation testing during the candidate interview process. We’ll discuss some best practices in using job simulation testing and how it can improve employee retention, performance, and the overall quality of hire. The benefits to hiring well are decreased costs all around, from human […]

10 Steps to Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated

When it comes to job satisfaction, financial rewards may be lower on the list than most people think. Being happy with your job often depends more on intangibles such as feeling part of a team and feeling valued and appreciated. In fact, these factors consistently outrank money when employees are polled about job satisfaction. As […]

5 Ethical Hiring & Work Decisions That Can Save You Millions

With the average cost of employment litigation topping about $150,000, ethical hiring and employment decisions are not only essential to keep your workplace culture moving in a positive direction but also to keep your company profitable and in the black. That figure doesn’t include preparing statements, negotiations, and representation. With costs in employment litigation lawsuits […]

The Importance of Numerical Reasoning

The ability to think critically and use numerical reasoning skills has become much more important in the workforce in recent years. To that end, psychometric testing can be a big help in determining whether a given individual has what’s needed for a specific position, by measuring the following applicant characteristics: Skills Abilities Personality types Numerical […]

The Elephant in the Office: The Skills Gap

Human capital, a company’s largest asset and also expense, is the modern corporate chicken-and-egg dilemma.  While companies spend millions or even billions of dollars building an employer brand or recruiting to fill open positions, they are just filling a leaky bucket as good employees leave organizations, hurting company productivity and earnings more than ever before. […]

The Art of Recruiting

Experienced HR professionals will tell you that there is an art to recruiting. As a recruiter, you refine your skills and techniques, and after years of practice, you develop the ability to assess the hiring problem at hand and cull through the available candidates to find the individual who best fits the overall picture of […]

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Verbal Communication Skills

The deadline is quickly approaching and you want to get your hands on the report to ensure that all the numbers and data are in line, the analysis is on target, and that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted.  You are stressed in your job to the max.  You stop by […]

Helping a New Hire Get Off to a Good Start

Helping new employees get off to a good start can have big benefits for the company as well as the new hire. In addition to increase morale, it can save the company money and time, increasing the productivity of the new hire as well as the whole team. Since not understanding what is expected and […]

What I Learned at Build-a-Bear Workshop

A couple of weeks ago I took my almost-four-year-old to the mall, and I did it all for love. One of Ryleigh’s favorite places is Build-A Bear Workshop. The customer service is fantastic, and they create a “wow” experience for her. Since she is a typical indecisive preschooler, we spent nearly 20 minutes selecting the […]
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