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In today’s competitive talent market, potential new-hires don’t stay on the market long, and employers are feeling the strain. According to recent surveys of hiring managers by CareerBuilder, Inavero and the American Staffing Association, 42% of respondents identified time-to-hire as the primary reason for working with staffing firms, 41% reported access to candidates with specialized skills was the reason they began working with staffing firms, while 40% of respondents chose to keep recruitment processes in-house in an attempt to save money.

The survey results suggest that the time it takes to find candidates with the desired skill set and the cost to do so are the biggest hurdles in the talent acquisition space today. Online assessment tests can help to alleviate both problems. As Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder puts it, “HR is the new frontier for data science applications in business,” and eSkill is leveraging this emerging trend to ensure businesses realize a return on investment in their most valuable asset, their human capital.

eSkill has a track record of reducing the time-to-hire and lowering costs associated with talent acquisition. eSkill’s automated tests for employment streamline the hiring process and provide employers with the quantitative data they need to make informed hiring decisions.

GL Staffing Services: Saving Time & Money

GL Staffing Services found eSkill after trying other employment assessment products that lacked features they were looking for. Each month, GL Staffing Services places 300 candidates in jobs at over 250 companies. From 2017 to 2018, the number of candidates GL Staffing Services placed doubled, and to keep up with this remarkable growth, the company had to make dramatic improvements in its staffing process. GL Staffing Service’s main goal was to find the right candidates while reducing the time and cost to make each hire. Enter eSkill.

With eSkill’s user-friendly platform, GL Staffing Services customized tests for employment and evaluated candidates for specific subjects, topics, and duties required for each position. GL Staffing Service only allowed candidates who passed a customized eSkill test with a score of 80 percent or higher to move on to the interview process, eliminating nearly 70 percent of applicants instantly.

eSkill’s customizable online assessment tests enabled GL Staffing Services to:

  • reduce the cost of candidate selection by 63 percent;
  • decrease the time-to-hire by 66 percent, from 5 days to 3 days;
  • realize an immediate return on investment;
  • increase the employee retention rate by 30 percent;
  • reduce the training cost by 25 percent;
  • and improve the placement rate by nearly 30 percent.

“Before choosing eSkill, we did a lot of research. We tried the IBM product…but the new cloud version did not have a custom test feature. When we made the decision to switch to eSkill, we considered the price, eSkill’s exhaustive list of skills tests, and the ease of use of the platform. We will never look back now.”

Roberta Herrera Corporate Recruiter, GL Staffing Services Inc.

The Benefits of Using Online Tests for Employment

While the ability to reduce the amount of time it takes to make a hiring decision with online tests for employment tops the list of benefits, there are many other reasons top companies have turned to using automated employment assessments.

Hiring Processes Built Around Speed

GL Staffing Services is not alone in their quest to reduce the time-to-hire. Companies are quickly realizing that they need to shorten their hiring process because candidates are not waiting around. In terms of hiring, speed is key to landing the best.

Speed is the new normal. Waiting more than 12 hours to respond to an email is now a faux-pas in business. And when it comes to text messages, forget hours or even minutes. Seconds is now the norm. Hiring talent is no different. Employers need to respond to top talent fast and decisively.

Traditionally, speeding the hiring process would mean higher turnover rates. However, the opposite is true of online assessment tests. A study conducted by Aberdeen found that companies using pre-employment tests report a 39% lower turnover rate. While automating the screening process reduces the time-to-hire, using the objective data gleaned from the tests for employment makes finding the right person for the right position more likely.

Candidates without the relevant skill set are weeded out before a recruiter spent time reviewing their resume or interviewing them over the phone. Eliminating the majority of non-skilled candidates automatically saves your hiring team time and, ultimately, saves your company money.

Reach a Larger Talent Pool

Online assessment tests are a great way to connect with talent from around the world. Tests for employment ease the burden of spending on travel expenses to fly applicants in from out-of-state or internationally. Online tests expand hiring borders exponentially. Access to a larger talent pool increases the odds of finding qualified talent.

Improve the Candidate Experience

Providing candidates with a flexible way to engage in the hiring process gives companies access to applicants who otherwise might not have applied. An individual employed by another business might not be actively seeking a new job, but may be open to testing the waters, especially if they can do it at a time and place that is convenient for them. With tests for employment and video interviews, more applicants are willing to throw their hat in the ring, which expands the talent pool even further.

Maintain Consistent Hiring Standards

It is easy for a recruiter or hiring manager to get swayed by an outgoing personality or over-estimate the breadth of experience portrayed on a resume. However, eSkill’s online assessment tests provide employers unbiased, objective data that ensures each candidate is evaluated on the exact same criteria. Maintaining consistency during the hiring process is crucial to accurately evaluating the best fit for a position.

In today’s candidate-driven talent market, it is imperative that employers and recruiters evaluate more candidates from a larger talent pool and faster than ever before. If not, they will lose out on qualified candidates, a costly mistake. eSkill’s online employment tests make qualifying candidates easier than ever before.

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