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In today’s world, technology is continually evolving and changing the way employees in all fields complete their work. It is extremely important that organizations accurately determine a potential hires ability to perform tasks effectively, and the public sector is no exception. Local, state and federal government agencies require individualized staffing solutions based on their unique requirements.

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were nearly twenty-two million federal, state, and local government employees as of May 2018. Of the nearly twenty-two million government employees, 14.58% of these positions were  “Office and Administrative Support Occupations.” This group includes clerks, bill and account collectors, administrative assistants, legal secretaries, data entry keyers, word processors, and human resources assistants. Rather than merely reviewing candidates’ resumes and conducting interviews, utilizing pre-employment assessments to assess basic office and computer skills mitigate the risk of a mis-hire.

Pre-employment tests help make the hiring process more objective, efficient, and transparent. The use of computer skills tests and basic office skills tests to vet potential office, and administrative support employees would help the public sector reduce employee turnover and decrease the time it takes to make a hiring decision. Determining the assessments that are best suited for a particular position is imperative, from assessing candidates’ Office Word skills, 10-key data entry, and basic computer knowledge, eSkill customizes pre-employment tests that are Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliant.

Accurately Assessing Future Performance

Businesses are modifying their talent acquisition processes, and it is no surprise. Pre-hire assessments are widely used by Best-in-Class organizations to gather information about candidates’ skill sets. While years ago, employees were seen as interchangeable, that is no longer the case. In our ever-evolving world, specific skill sets are required to succeed in job positions.

Government leaders and government staffing agencies must recognize the value in accurately assessing candidates’ skills and aptitude. According to a 2017 study by the Aberdeen Group, 85% of Best-in-Class companies used pre-employment assessments during the hiring process in 2016, an increase of 22% from 2014. The study found that other companies are not too far behind. In 2014, 44% of all other companies used pre-employment assessments, and in 2016, that number rose to 54%. Valid and reliable pre-employment assessments allow hiring managers to quickly and accurately assess the future performance of potential hires that may lack an applicable work history.

Utilizing basic office and computer skills tests will enable government agencies to staff the “Office and Administrative Support Occupations” that makeup nearly 15% of the United States government’s workforce quickly and effectively. For example, eSkill’s basic computer skills test constitutes a fair sample of the content of an administrative assistant job. When administered during the hiring process, the results can be compared across candidates to determine the applicant most likely to succeed in the administrative assistant position.

The Benefits of Automation

It is vital that government agencies secure an emerging generation of talent. While resumes may have previously been heavily relied on by recruiters, it is becoming increasingly important to shift the focus to a quantifiable measurement of candidates’ skills and aptitude. In 2019, finding top talent will depend on recruiters’ ability to automate their workflow intelligently.

Automated systems can help government organizations save time, lower costs, and improve hiring processes.  eSkill offers modular assessments that can be combined to create a basic office skills test that will identify the best candidate for an administrative position. For example, eSkill’s “Email Etiquette” assessment covers formatting; email functions, terms, and tactics; email security; and email tone. This assessment can then be combined with several other computer skills tests or basic office skills tests, such as office filing, data checking, Microsoft Office Suite, G Suite, and 10-key data entry, form-fill data entry typing and many more. eSkill’s assessment experts assist in creating custom assessments that are both reliable and valid. With a nearly 20-year record of EEOC compliance, eSkill provides a defensible testing platform.

When administered correctly, pre-employment testing can help companies save time and cost in the selection process, decrease turnover, increase productivity, and improve morale. It is imperative that government leaders and recruiters utilize the automated technology that is now available to streamline the hiring process. eSkill’s basic computer skills tests help organizations become more systematic about how they spend their time interacting with candidates. Automation and AI are reshaping the function of the talent team.

Implementing the use of basic office skills tests in the hiring process will eliminate the repetitive aspects of the hiring process and gives recruiters’ the ability to focus their time on the human side of the process. Pre-employment assessments support recruiters productivity allowing them to be thoughtful about how they engage, connect, and sustain strong relationships with candidates.

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