ESkill New Ways To Leverage Skills Tests To Improve Hiring Outcomes

The COVID-19 crisis has forced companies across multiple sectors to transform the way they do business. And as business priorities and operations change, so do the skill sets that are needed. For example, the global health crisis has accelerated digital transformation worldwide and prompted companies to adopt new technology so they can maintain their competitive edge.

eSkill’s innovative employment testing platform enables talent acquisition teams to fully automate hiring and candidate evaluations. HR professionals and recruiters can stay connected with candidates throughout the entire hiring process, even when working remotely, and eSkill’s customizable skills tests and on-demand video interviewing solution provides them with a thorough, objective, and efficient way to identify top talent.

Implement a Streamlined and Comprehensive Approach to Hiring

eSkill’s suite of online candidate screening solutions provides hiring teams with the tools they need to recruit highly-skilled employees, including:

Employment skills tests: With the most extensive library of customizable skills tests in the HR industry, eSkill enables hiring teams to configure the ideal pre-employment test for any position. The results of eSkill’s employment assessments provide talent acquisition professionals with the quantifiable data they need to make effective hiring decisions. In fact, research shows that using pre-employment skills tests increases the likelihood of selecting the right candidate by 30%.

On-demand video interviews: On-demand video interviews, also known as asynchronous or one-way video interviews, do not require an interviewer to be present. Candidates record responses to a predetermined set of questions. The benefits of eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing platform include:

  • Candidates can complete the video response interviews at their convenience and there is no need for an interviewer to be present. So, scheduling conflicts are no longer an issue.
  • Candidates who are currently employed can complete video response interviews outside of work hours. This allows people to explore new opportunities they otherwise would not have pursued and helps the HR team build a strong talent pool.
  • Hiring teams can implement an interviewing process that is standardized and structured, which reduces subjectivity in the candidate evaluation.
  • Simple Scoring allows any member of the hiring team to rate free and video responses on a scale of one to ten and add a comment for context. Simple Scoring

Simple Scoring example

  • Team Scoring enables multiple members of a hiring team to score the same interview based on criteria designated by an administrator. When all reviewers have provided feedback, the administrator approves their scores and eSkill automatically averages them to produce a final total.Team Scoring

Team Scoring example

  • HR teams can easily combine skills tests and video interviewing to create a comprehensive evaluation.

Customizable free-response questions: Hiring teams can leverage free-response questions to bolster skills tests and improve hiring outcomes. Free-response questions are the perfect way to preview how candidates will complete tasks or respond to different workplace scenarios. The questions can be as simple as asking a candidate for a sales position to record a video ‘selling’ you the shirt they are wearing and as complex as asking an accounting candidate to perform a series of data manipulation tasks in a provided spreadsheet.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

eSkill’s customizable skills tests, on-demand video response interviews, and free-response questions enable hiring teams to create a thorough and objective evaluation of candidates’ skills, cognitive aptitudes, and behavioral characteristics. HR departments can quickly improve operational efficiencies with the innovative features available on eSkill’s platform, including:

Integration Capabilities: eSkill’s platform integrates seamlessly with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) for a seamless hiring approach.

Auto-Progress: Auto-progress candidates to the next stage in the hiring process based on their test or interview scores. For example, hiring teams can set the passing score of a skills test at 95% and automatically send qualifying candidates a request to complete an on-demand video interview.

Instant Feedback: On eSkill’s Employer Dashboard, HR teams can opt to instantly send candidates their assessment results.

Identity Verification: Verify candidates’ identity using eSkill’s Video Interviewing tool. eSkill automatically captures a picture of candidates alongside their ID.

Detailed Test Score Results: eSkill auto-generates score reports that detail assessment results by candidate, test, subject, and question. eSkill’s Results tool makes it easy for HR professionals to reach informed, data-driven hiring decisions.

To help clients get the most out of their employment skills tests, free response questions, and video response interviews, eSkill provides unrivaled customer service, including:

Customer Success Managers: eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers provide HR professionals with unlimited support and training. By working with the expert staff at eSkill clients can easily implement an effective and legally defensible hiring strategy. eSkill has a nearly 20-year record with no litigation and perfect compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission employment testing guidelines.

24/7/365 Tech Support: Employers and applicants have access to eSkill’s 24/7 tech support to get help with questions and problems and troubleshoot technology issues.

Interested in Leveraging Skills Tests to Improve Hiring Outcomes?

HR teams can rapidly and effectively pivot to a streamlined hiring process using eSkill’s innovative suite of pre-employment testing solutions. Learn more about the benefits of using eSkill’s employment skills tests, free response questions, and on-demand video response interviews to find qualified candidates quickly.

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