ESkill How NAVEX Used Skils Testing To Source The Right Talent For The Job

Poor Job Fit is one of the reasons that as many as a third of newly-hired employees leave their jobs within the first three months.

Finding the candidate with the skills you need and is the right fit for your job is a challenge. Even when you hire people with strong skills, they may not fit with your company’s culture. When this happens, it leads to turnover. It wastes time and training dollars and leaves positions open longer.

Everyone loses.

NAVEX Global knew that if it could deploy a better way to assess candidates before hiring, the company could cut down on employee attrition and find better-qualified candidates. NAVEX turned to eSkill to help them design a process. The results? NAVEX streamlined its hiring process, reduced employee turnover, and decreased training costs by 20%.

Here is the challenge NAVEX faced, how they used eSkill to find a solution, and the results.

The Business Challenge

NAVEX is a global leader in integrated risk and compliance software and professional managed services. With more than 14,000 clients in more than 200 countries, it represents the largest ethics and compliance community in the world. Its products are used by 95 of the Fortune 100.

Before using eSkill, NAVEX Global administered on-site paper tests at each location. Tests were graded manually. The company recognized the evolution in the industry and wanted to implement a pre-hire skills test process to help human resources (HR) better identify qualified candidates. NAVEX also wanted to reduce its recruiting costs, improve time-to-hire, and lower turnover.

Also, NAVEX wanted a pre-hire skills test that gave them measurable data to help identify candidates that were the best fit. Such information would allow them to bring consistency to their recruiting efforts.

The Solution

After comparing potential solutions, NAVEX Global settled on eSkill for three specific reasons:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Offered the best overall value
  3. Provided the in-depth reporting they needed

The team at NAVEX noted how easy the eSkill platform was to use to create standard Skills Tests and customized tests. eSkill provides hundreds of pre-built, ready-to-use questionnaires for Skills Tests as well as thousands of modules that can be mixed and matched. The NAVEX HR team could also easily create custom questions to evaluate what we call Job Fit. Job Fit is the evaluation of whether the person is the right fit for the role.

NAVEX also liked the ability to include simulation as well as free-response and video questions in pre-hire Skills Tests. Simulations helped them better assess specific skills that were needed on the job, such as multitasking and office software proficiencies. Free-response and video questions can also be used to evaluate a candidate’s written and verbal communication skills.

Using a Skills Test from eSkill, NAVEX had a way to objectively assess a candidate’s fit for the job.

The Results

The HR team at NAVEX was able to more quickly and efficiently screen applicants and identify the most qualified candidates. Recruiters for NAVEX report that in some cases, they were able to eliminate up to 60% of the applicant pool that was not qualified and redirect them to other open positions that might be a better fit.

One of the big advantages of using a Skills Test to evaluate candidates is that you can better gauge Job Fit. When candidates have the hard skills and soft skills they need for a position, they are more likely to be successful. Skills testing can also better predict performance once they are on the job.

Employees that are the right “fit” also tend to remain at jobs longer. That is one of the results NAVEX saw — a reduction in employee turnover.

NAXEX Global also benefitted by reducing the training time it took to get up to speed. The company was able to reduce training expenses by 20% by hiring candidates that were better prepared for the job.

“eSkill has continually exceeded my department’s expectations on helping us source the right talent for the job,” said Abdul Green, Director, Contact Center Excellence at NAVEX Global.

NAVEX also cites the robust reporting options offered by eSkill as an important factor. Better benchmarking has helped developed more precise candidate profiles for job roles. These profiles, in turn, are used to refine job skills testing to measure the attributes that are the best predictors of success.

eSkill’s reporting functions also make it easy to identify areas where employees may need additional training before being job-ready.

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