Pre-employment skills testing is an effective, flexible, and reliable recruiting tool. Assessments that offer insight into a candidate’s skill sets can help managers be more effective in choosing the right candidates. These are flexible instruments, since tests can be administered at any point in the recruiting process: companies can have candidates complete a skills test when they first submit their applications, or they can test a few chosen candidates to make better, more informed decisions. Skills testing offers a more reliable way to pinpoint the best candidates, by increasing hiring accuracy and validating hiring decisions.

Companies can opt for tests by subject, or create their own tests that incorporate disparate abilities tied to a specific position. They can even administer job simulations to find out which candidates will succeed on the job, to avoid hiring someone who may turn out to be a bad fit.

In this interview for GDH Consulting, Eric Friedman, chairman and CEO of eSkill Corporation, shares how pre-employment skills testing can make a big difference in recruiting the best candidates, the types of skills assessments companies should incorporate in their recruiting processes, and which skills to test before hiring.

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