ESkill Most Important Pre Employment Skills Tests Post Coronavirus Shutdown

Remote work has been on the rise in recent years, with more and more companies embracing less traditional workplaces. Before coronavirus shutdowns, 3.6%, or 5 million U.S. employees worked remotely some or all of the time. With so many companies recently forced to embrace remote work, many believe it will be the new standard.

Thanks to an uncertain future, now is a good time to consider employing contract workers as an alternative to a hiring freeze. And with 1 out of 3 U.S. workers freelancing, there is a large pool of talented candidates available for organizations to source. Contract workers enable companies to scale resources as needed without incurring the costs that come with full-time employees.

Whether hiring candidates for full-time positions or contracting freelancers, eSkill’s pre-employment skills tests help HR managers identify top talent quickly and effectively. Here is a look at eSkill’s two most important post-coronavirus employment skills tests.

Cognitive Ability Skills Tests

Cognitive ability skills tests are considered to be the single best indicator of future job success and training proficiency because they assess the level at which candidates learn, how they solve problems, and how well they understand and follow instructions.

Cognitive ability directly impacts how employees adapt to changes in the workplace, a skill of heightened importance during these unprecedented times. Critical thinking skills are particularly important when employees are presented with difficult or novel tasks because cognitive abilities help them rapidly develop well-informed and exceptional solutions.

eSkill’s suite of cognitive ability skills tests assesses various abilities such as general reasoning, logical thinking, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning, verbal reasoning, and attention to detail. The tests are designed to mimic real, on-the-job scenarios across a wide range of industries and positions. Cognitive ability skills tests can be combined with other employment skills tests in eSkill’s vast library or administered individually.

Remote Worker Skills Tests

COVID-19 forced organizations nationwide to switch to remote working very quickly. While this migration may have gone reasonably well temporarily, identifying candidates with the technical and social skills needed to thrive in a long-term remote work setting is critical to sustained success.

eSkill’s Remote Working Skills Test presents test-takers with realistic work-from-home scenarios to evaluate the following:

  • Appropriate use of collaboration and communication tools
  • Email, messaging, phone, and video conferencing best practices and etiquette
  • Information security best practices
  • Knowledge of virtual collaboration techniques
  • Time management

Remote working is an opportunity for companies to save money and reap the benefits of needing less office space, requiring less commuting for employees, shorter breaks, and more focused workers. Although most businesses have realized the advantage of allowing employees to work remotely, it is important to hire employees who have the skills that enable them to thrive in an autonomous work environment.

Implement an Agile and Streamlined Selection Process

eSkill’s platform is accessible from any device with an Internet connection. Hiring teams can easily review, analyze, and share candidates’ results remotely on a user-friendly dashboard. eSkill’s hiring tools seamlessly integrate with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) so hiring teams can easily select and grow top talent. And assistance is available to test-takers 24/7, which ensures efficient evaluation of candidates.

It is time to move on from using the resume as the primary tool for making hiring decisions. Top HR professionals understand today’s need for an innovative selection process. A modern recruitment process is most effective when it is agile and streamlined. eSkill’s user-friendly dashboard enables hiring teams to automate messaging and time-consuming manual tasks. eSkill’s pre-employment skills tests also expedite the hiring process and improve the candidate experience by providing instant score rankings and feedback.

eSkill’s employment skills testing platform enables HR professionals to select or customize skills tests that align with any position. With a dedicated U.S.-based Client Success Managers available to assist employers, choosing from eSkill’s catalog of skills tests or creating a customized assessment is simple. And using an employment skills test that has been selected or customized to match a position’s requirements is more legally defensible than using no test at all. eSkill is an industry leader in employment testing and has a nearly 20-year record Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance—the best in the assessment industry.

Develop a Targeted Onboarding Process

The results of skills tests enable HR professionals to align the right training modules during onboarding. Strategically using skills tests to pinpoint learning needs makes developing targeted training programs simple. This approach saves businesses the time and cost associated with lengthy onboarding processes.

Utilizing an advanced assessment solution, like eSkill makes the hiring process faster and effective. eSkill’s pre-employment skills tests improve quality of hire by providing objective, reliable data on how well applicants’ skills align with the requirements of a job. As the remote work trend continues, employers need to use skills tests to improve and scale their hiring processes.

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