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Everything is going mobile these days, not least of all the world of HR and recruiting. With everyone on the go all of the time, if you hope to catch someone’s attention – whether for sharing information and training materials or recruiting that perfect candidate – mobile is the way to go.

Through cloud computing or “software as a service” (SAAS), both of which let you log in using any number of devices, including mobile phones, HR departments are finding the technology solutions that work best for their busy organizations. Some high-volume recruiters are creating their own mobile “apps,” or applications, that are specifically created for mobile phone access. Others are finding that creating mobile-ready websites that are simplified and more user-friendly on small screens is the way to go.

Either way, it’s worth targeting mobile users if you are looking to recruit tech-savvy candidates, or really for any field these days. The benefits of going mobile include that it:

  • Provides HR professionals, job-seekers and employees access to information 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • Increases productivity, because all parties can perform their functions remotely.
  • Offers instant information and updates for employees, ranging from office closures due to weather to employee birthday reminders.
  • Heightens your appeal with job-seekers, especially those who are more engaged with mobile technologies.
  • Allows you to review and approve employee requests, such as vacation time or sick leave, instantly.
  • Provides access to employee information when needed by HR personnel.
  • Includes platforms to monitor who’s in or out of the office, available to HR managers and employees alike.
  • Facilitates the application process for job-seekers by providing a one-stop way to submit their application, resume, and cover letter, and track their progress.
  • Supports payroll functions such as allowing employees to view their paychecks instantly or make changes to their tax exemptions.
  • Offers training and professional development opportunities for employees through a mobile portal.
  • Expedites performance reviews by allowing managers to comment and employees to respond on their mobile devices.
  • Increases employee engagement by providing a platform that they can take anywhere.

The benefits of using mobile technology for HR functions are clear, but before jumping in you should consider the following tips.

  1. Make it user-friendly. An HR mobile platform must be easy to use, or else it simply won’t get used. Make sure the app and/or mobile site is easy to navigate. For instance, avoiding taking users to a page where they have to manipulate the screen to see the text large enough, or to a form they can’t fill out on their phone because the entire fields don’t fit. Make sure it’s user-friendly throughout the process.
  2. Make it work. Make sure the technology you adopt is available for different platforms, for instance not just iOS devices but also Android devices. Learn about the differences and opt for something that works for most, if not all users.
  3. Read reviews. Most apps available right now have user reviews that can shed light on many benefits and issues of use. Take the time to read reviews and find out which apps would work best, not just for HR functions in general, but for your company and its employees specifically.
  4. Integrate it. The excitement of launching a mobile HR platform for your company can quickly fade if it’s not integrated properly. A mobile platform can’t live on its own; it must be integrated with your other systems, such as your company’s intranet, payroll, and finance systems.
  5. Plan your implementation. Finally, your company will greatly benefit from a thorough and precise implementation plan. As with anything else, the success of launching a mobile HR platform depends on it being implemented correctly. Give your employees all the information and training they’ll need to truly take advantage of the technology. The work you put in on the front end will help you reap more benefits later.

The right mobile platform can change your HR game, facilitating a number of functions for HR managers, employees, and employers that can increase productivity and engagement. Consider the benefits and your company’s capabilities to determine if it’s time for you to tap into the mobile frontier.

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  • Sandy Mors says:

    A lot of people have smartphones now and carry them anywhere. When HR goes mobile, it gives recruiters more opportunities to reach out potential employees, to keep in touch with candidates, etc. It will definitely help HR managers be more productive and bring successful results.

  • Tom Shephard says:

    HR should definitely go mobile and get advantage of the available technology. Nowadays the technology helps recruiters optimize their work and saves time. HR department should go hand-in-hand with technological progress and be aware of new platforms and cloud computing.

  • Alexandra says:

    HR is the sphere where you have to deal with lots of paperwork. In reality, paperwork is tricky. Mobile apps help to go paperless and forget about loads of papers. What do you use?

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