ESkill How To Hire Employees Fast After Coronavirus

Since unemployment claims reached historic highs due to the coronavirus pandemic businesses that need to hire fast will be flooded with applicants, which means they will need to screen and interview them in a short timeframe. Thanks to advanced HR technology tools, employers can automate the hiring process and eliminate labor- and resource-intensive tasks associated with volume hiring in recruitment.

From automated skills testing powered by predictive analytics to on-demand video interviewing software, eSkill’s innovative hiring tools enable employers to develop a systematic, streamlined approach to hiring the right employees fast. This is how HR professionals can hire employees fast post coronavirus.

Use Skills Tests at the Beginning of Your Hiring Pipeline

When you administer skills tests to applicants in the first stage of the hiring process, you can cull the applicant poll quickly by weeding out unqualified candidates. In fact, using employment assessments increases the probability of selecting the right candidate for the right position from 50% to 80%. Since eSkill’s pre-employment skills testing platform enables employers to combine different tests into one online experience, it provides HR professionals with a comprehensive evaluation of candidates.

eSkill has the most extensive library of customizable pre-employment assessments in the industry including job- and skills-based assessments and behavioral assessments. Businesses can tailor candidate evaluations to match the requirements of any position. They can choose from hundreds of single-subject and multi-subject “ready-to-administer” skills tests, as well as thousands of single-topic modules and individual questions, and even add their own questions.

Pre-hire assessment platforms like eSkill are extremely valuable for evaluating candidates’ relevant competencies, skills, characteristics, and cognitive abilities. High volume hiring in recruitment is made simple when eSkill’s employment skills tests are used at the beginning stages of the recruitment process.

eSkill automatically ranks job seekers based on test scores enabling employers to instantly move only qualified candidates on to the next stage of the hiring process.

Take Advantage of Pre-Recorded Virtual Interviews

The global pandemic forced companies that continued to hire amid the crisis to add video interviewing to their hiring process. eSkill’s video interviewing software is specifically developed to conduct job interviews, supports employers’ move to virtual interviewing. eSkill’s on-demand video interviewing software enables employers to record a series of questions that are sent automatically to qualified candidates. Job-seekers then record video responses that can be reviewed by hiring teams anytime and anywhere.

When hiring teams take advantage of eSkill’s video interviewing software, they can shift their time from scheduling and conducting interviews to actively engaging with top candidates. Video interviews increase the productivity and efficiency of hiring teams. On eSkill’s employer dashboard, hiring teams can automatically a large pool of applicants to participate in a one-way video interview. Completed one-way video interviews can then be viewed, scored, and shared at the hiring team’s convenience, enabling maximum efficiency in the hiring cycle.

Automation Streamlines Volume Hiring in Recruitment

Acquiring new talent is often costly and time-consuming, but thanks to the advanced automation features that eSkill offers, employers can quickly find skilled talent. From automated scoring and analysis to realistic simulations, eSkill’s tech solutions streamline the workflow of HR departments.

eSkill makes it as easy for employers to automate volume hiring in recruitment by:

  • Sending email invitations to take skills tests to applicants
  • Directing candidates to customized web pages dependent on their test scores
  • Prompting qualified candidates to complete video interviews
  • Ranking candidates based on tests and interview scores

eSkill’s algorithms score employment tests quickly and easily and provide accurate feedback and interpretation in real-time. By automating your HR process, you can manage more positions and higher volumes of candidates successfully, which allows you to scale up hiring efforts quickly.

Collaborate with Colleagues Anywhere and Anytime

eSkill’s employer dashboard is accessible to all hiring team members, which makes it easy for colleagues to review candidates, share scores, and add feedback. No stakeholder is left out of the hiring loop because all relevant information about a candidate is in one place. eSkill is designed to give hiring teams control of all stages of the screening process regardless of where members are located. And eSkill’s intuitive platform integrates easily with popular applicant tracking (ATS) and learning management (LMS) systems.

If your company is hiring or planning to ramp up hiring soon, you will need to make some changes to your talent acquisition process to accommodate changes in the recruiting landscape. eSkill provides solutions that will support your hiring needs and tools to help you connect talent with jobs.

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