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Hiring mistakes are expensive. Data compiled by Undercover Recruiter shows that if a manager who earns $62,000 is terminated after 2.5 years, it costs their employer $840,000, including hiring costs, salary and benefits, severance, disruption to productivity, and lost business opportunities.

Studies also show that the average company spends around $240,000 to recruit and onboard a new hire. If the employee does not work out, the company’s investment is lost, and it must incur additional hiring and onboarding costs to find a replacement.

Filling critical job roles is challenging because of the unprecedented talent shortage, and organizations are scrambling to find and hire top-quality employees before their competitors can grab them. Many are implementing pre-employment testing solutions which allow them to create customized job skills tests for all their positions.

Why Customizing Pre-Employment Tests is Important

As any HR professional can attest, organizations have their own ways of doing things. A job at Company A will likely have different skill requirements than the same position at Company B. This means “one-size-fits-all” job skills tests are not practical in many cases.

How to Customize Job Skills Tests

The eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM offers several customization options to help you tailor job skills tests to match each job role perfectly.

  • Modify Ready-to-Use Pre-Employment Tests: There are hundreds of job- and subject-related skills tests in the eSkill Assessment Library. You can use them as is or select one that meets your needs, deleting any questions that do not pertain to the job role. For example, if you were hiring an entry-level C# programmer and found that some questions in the C# Skills Test are too advanced, you could delete them.
  • Create a Multi-Subject Skills Test: This option is ideal when you need to assess applicants on job skills in several areas. You simply choose the subjects, set the difficulty level and test length, and eSkill will build an assessment that meets those criteria. For instance, suppose you were hiring customer service representatives and needed candidates with strong Word® and Excel skills® and good math skills. Select the Customer Service, Word, Excel, and Basic Math assessments, designate the topic areas and difficulty level for each, and eSkill will build an assessment that meets your criteria. You can then review the assessment and add or delete questions as needed.
  •  Build Job Skills Tests by Choosing Your Own Questions: With the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM, you can build customized job skill tests by choosing questions from multiple skills tests and adding your own questions. This is an excellent option for organizations that are required to test applicants’ knowledge of policies and procedures critical to job performance. For example, suppose your manufacturing company is legally required to have employees and new hires complete safety training. In that case, you can choose questions from ready-to-use skills tests such as Safety Procedures and Workplace Safety and add questions that pertain to your specific needs.

Customization Success Stories

Organizations worldwide depend on pre-employment testing solutions to improve hiring results and streamline operations. The following success stories show how two companies use job skill test customization to streamline hiring and training and reduce hiring costs.

  • ELIA Transmission Belgium (ELIA)

ELIA Transmission Belgium (ELIA), an electrical power distributor, is required by European Union (EU) law to provide safety training for technicians who work on hazardous high-voltage electrical distribution sites. Test content is very specific to high-voltage safety and quality certification and testing. Certification officers must also import over 1,300 proprietary questions and create tests in Dutch, French, English, and eight other languages. So, ELIA uses the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM to create customized skills tests and adds proprietary content.

  • Ryan LLC

Ryan LLC provides tax consulting, assistance, and advocacy services to top companies in industries such as real estate, oil and gas, business services, transportation, and utilities. The HR team tests new hires on multiple subjects and topics. This had been very expensive because they had to pay for tests individually, and it became cost-prohibitive when a large number of positions began requiring candidates to complete up to five assessments. Now that Ryan has implemented the eSkill Talent Assessment PlatformTM, the HR team can create one pre-employment test that covers all job and subject areas.

Customization Improves Hiring Outcomes

Every organization has unique needs, and “off-the-shelf” job skill tests are not always effective. This is why you need a pre-employment testing solution that allows you to create customized job skills tests for all your job roles.

Do you want to see how customizing pre-employment tests can streamline your recruiting process and minimize hiring mistakes? Contact us to request a demo.

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